Update: Why Guardian One was up over southern West Seattle

May 22, 2014 at 10:59 am | In Crime, Helicopter, West Seattle news | 20 Comments

helicopterwatch.png10:59 AM: Just checked with Seattle Police; the Guardian One helicopter is helping them look for a domestic-violence suspect. That’s all we know so far; thanks for the texts about Westwood/Roxhill chopper sightings.

11:23 AM: No update on the search but the scanner indicates Guardian One is off to another case elsewhere in the city. On their Twitter feed, the helicopter crew describes the West Seattle assignment as having assisted in a case involving a “foot pursuit.” We’re also checking with Seattle Public Schools regarding commenters’ reports of shelter-in-place at Chief Sealth IHS.

11:48 AM: Still trying to get more info on the incident itself, and whether the suspect was arrested, but we did confirm with CSIHS by phone that the brief “shelter-in-place” has since been lifted.

12:15 PM: SPS spokesperson Lesley Rogers tells us Denny IMS and Roxhill Elementary also were in “shelter in place” for about 20 minutes, and that it was lifted an hour ago. (Added: An Explorer West MS [WSB sponsor] parent tells us they got word that school also took precautions for a similar amount of time.)


  1. It’s been buzzing over my house for about 20 minutes. A little unnerving. Doors shut and locked!

    Comment by Andi — 11:03 am May 22, 2014 #

  2. Chief Sealth High School is in a “Shelter in Place”

    Comment by Christie — 11:05 am May 22, 2014 #

  3. Is this the reason Sealth is in Shelter in Place?

    Comment by D.Newtson — 11:11 am May 22, 2014 #

  4. It certainly sounds like a much more involved crime, with all of the sirens adding to the chopper noise! Unnerving!

    Comment by Wendy — 11:15 am May 22, 2014 #

  5. Only thing going on that we know of, and again, we don’t know much about it. Our Sealth student hasn’t texted us, oddly, but we’re checking right now with SPS to get a bigger picture.

    Comment by WSB — 11:15 am May 22, 2014 #

  6. The chopper fluttered just north of our house at the edge of Arbor Heights and then suddenly disappeared east over the horizon. Still see SPD units cruising all over Westwood/Roxhill area.

    Comment by Bradley — 12:08 pm May 22, 2014 #

  7. Ok, I hate that my 3rd grader at Roxhill is a “shelter in place” veteran.

    Comment by H — 12:22 pm May 22, 2014 #

  8. Wasn’t there a helicopter in same area yesterday for assault suspect? Are they related?

    Comment by JW — 12:26 pm May 22, 2014 #

  9. Yesterday’s was an incident in the county described as a dispute over money, between two people who knew each other. All I know about this one – we’re continuing to await a reply from local police, since the media unit is now dealing with a stabbing victim in some other part of the city – is that it is a city case and was described as “domestic violence.” Someone texted us that police were searching earlier south of Roxbury Safeway because the suspect was possibly running through yards, but that’s the only ground report I have.

    Comment by WSB — 12:35 pm May 22, 2014 #

  10. “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”!

    Comment by Dorothy — 12:45 pm May 22, 2014 #

  11. Nice, I didn’t get a text from my Sealth student either haha.. Or any kind of notice from the school.

    Comment by Jason — 2:30 pm May 22, 2014 #

  12. I am also told by an Explorer West Middle School parent that they took precautions too and lifted it when they heard nearby Roxhill had lifted theirs.

    Comment by WSB — 2:31 pm May 22, 2014 #

  13. Ah, good ole Westwood. The double dub keepin it real…..real dumb

    Comment by Eric — 3:46 pm May 22, 2014 #

  14. Shorewood Christian as well. I just got this from Sealth:

    Good evening Chief Sealth Families,

    I wanted to let you know that today at 11:00 we entered a Shelter in Place. We received a call from our district Safety and Security department notifying us that the Seattle Police Department was in pursuit of a suspect around the Roxhill Park area. They advised that we enter a Shelter in Place in order to keep students from leaving campus for lunch where they may be walking over to the Westwood/Roxhill Park area. SPD was securing the area for their search and we did not want our students to be in the area putting their safety at risk. We lifted the Shelter in Place at 11:14 after hearing from the Safety and Security office that we were all clear. At this time, students were able to enjoy the beautiful sun during the remainder of their lunch.

    The safety of our students is our first priority. We appreciate your support. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Take care,

    Andra Maughan

    Assistant Principal

    Chief Sealth International High School

    Comment by Jason — 6:33 pm May 22, 2014 #

  15. Still nothing from Denny admin. There seems to be an ongoing problem with communication at that school. Aggravating!
    Our child told us about it after school and then I checked it out here. Thank you WSB.

    Comment by NorDel — 8:00 pm May 22, 2014 #

  16. 10:00pm and chopper overhead west Roxbury.

    Comment by wsres — 9:57 pm May 22, 2014 #

  17. I’ve been listening to the scanner for a while (monitoring the crash we’re mentioning atop the page) and not hearing anything on the Seattle side. Is it circling? Where on west Roxbury are you?

    Comment by WSB — 10:00 pm May 22, 2014 #

  18. It sounded like it went right over our house on 97th SW (near west Rox)in Arbor Heights.

    Comment by mmb — 10:01 pm May 22, 2014 #

  19. We’re not much further north. I heard a chopper go by, not unusual at night, but not hearing anything recurring. If there’s circling going on, it might be a county case, but SPD on the city side hasn’t got anything going on of major note …

    Comment by WSB — 10:14 pm May 22, 2014 #

  20. The chopper passed over Roxbury and 16th heading due east and disappeared – no circling.

    Comment by m — 10:26 pm May 22, 2014 #

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