West Seattle restaurants: Thai Landing closed by health inspectors

May 27, 2014 at 3:44 pm | In Health, West Seattle news, West Seattle restaurants | 31 Comments

Just in from King County Public Health – its inspectors closed the Thai Landing on Alki restaurant this afternoon. Here’s the notice published online:

Thai Landing on Alki
2620 Alki Av SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Closed: May 27, 2014 at 1:00 pm

Potentially hazardous foods at unsafe temperatures
Foods not protected from cross-contamination
Equipment/utensils not properly sanitized
Handwashing facilities inaccessible
Failure to correct repeated violations

The county will announce when it’s cleared to open again; you can check its status here.


  1. Maybe this explains why they didn’t answer their phone yesterday for an order… super unfortunate as they have amazing food.

    Comment by SS — 4:05 pm May 27, 2014 #

  2. AND,once again, an establishment that would’ve made you sick and didn’t prevent it from happening. Im not sure why if you’ve been reprimanded once before, you don’t fix it permanently by doing the right thing. How disgusting to have dirty utensils? Such a risk in itself Much less the foods were suppose to enjoy but they’re completely unsafe to eat. Keep them closed for everyones safety.

    Comment by alki resident — 4:10 pm May 27, 2014 #

  3. My husband and I have enjoyed several meals at Thai Landing over the past year and nearly went there this weekend. This despite having found a staple in our eggplant dish – although the management kindly gave us the dish for free even though we said it wasn’t necessary. I hope they reopen with an enthusiastic commitment to sanitation.

    Comment by Dana Greenlee — 4:19 pm May 27, 2014 #

  4. Out of desperation of needing food delivered but not wanting pizza, I ordered from this restaurant through Eat24. I couldn’t finish it and spent some quality time in the loo that night. This shut down doesn’t surprise me.

    Comment by JLS — 4:24 pm May 27, 2014 #

  5. I just eat at home! It’s cheaper & healthier :)

    Comment by Maggie — 4:35 pm May 27, 2014 #

  6. Good. They had the worst service too anyway. Only two times I went and both times they lost our order. :-/

    Comment by Leslie — 5:16 pm May 27, 2014 #

  7. I suppose anyone who goes back to this place (should they be allowed to re-open) either doesn’t know it was closed by King County or just wants to live dangerously. It’s too easy nowadays to get the ingredients and recipes to make delicious Thai food at home than to risk your life at a careless, bacteria-culture dish.

    Comment by bradley — 5:56 pm May 27, 2014 #

  8. Dana, if I found a staple in my food is be out of there before they even offered my meal for free (let alone refuse a free meal after finding the staple).

    I used to work in the food service business, and believe me… if the health department shuts you down, that’s serious… especially in a big city like Seattle. In my experience, they’ll correct you when they catch you doing something wrong (key: if they catch you! right place, right time), then issue a warning the next time, then take steps to stop you from hurting someone.

    Seriously, if management/ownership doesn’t care about my health, I don’t care to support their business.

    Comment by Dirk — 5:57 pm May 27, 2014 #

  9. @dana

    Really, a staple in your food? I would not be singing their praises. sounds like they needed to be shut down, gross and disgusting.

    Comment by Jw — 5:57 pm May 27, 2014 #

  10. The kid that divered our food to us literally, said” 4 bucks i divered your food for 4 lousy bucks! As we had no other cash at the time,

    Comment by thai lover — 6:08 pm May 27, 2014 #

  11. Dana-Had you swallowed that staple,theres a good chance your intestines would’ve ripped eventually. I can’t believe you’re blowing it off like this is nothing. They’ve been shut down before and still have no regards to anyones safety.
    I too have had crappy service there and had already stopped going. The Pho place next to it no longer has my business after it was once shut down.

    Comment by alki resident — 6:15 pm May 27, 2014 #

  12. Wow, thank you for posting this story, that is one restaurant I will be avoiding.

    Comment by West Seattle Hipster — 6:15 pm May 27, 2014 #

  13. At this point, who would even go there, even if they do open up again.

    Comment by Commonsensical — 6:49 pm May 27, 2014 #

  14. So I followed the link to the site that tracks food establishment closures for King County. That site states the listing is removed 7 days after the place reopens. Is there a way to search a restaurant’s track history in regards to health inspections, violations, and closures? Seems like info consumers should have access to, and info that a credible establishment wouldn’t mind having out there…

    Comment by Oakley34BLAM — 7:00 pm May 27, 2014 #

  15. @ Oakley. Here’s a link to the King County website to look up restaurant inspections: http://info.kingcounty.gov/health/ehs/foodsafety/inspections/search.aspx

    Cheers to being informed!

    Comment by FoodSafetyProfessional — 7:13 pm May 27, 2014 #

  16. Following the rules (hand washing facilities nearby, storing food at proper temps, avoiding x-contamination, sanitizing equipment) costs money. Looks like the business didn’t care to put in the effort ($).

    Comment by WestSide45 — 7:21 pm May 27, 2014 #

  17. I only ate there once and that was one time too many. The food was terrible and the service poor so I am not surprised that they had health violations. They need to close this place down permanently in my opinion. Sorry to be so harsh but quality is more important than trying to keep a bad business afloat.

    Comment by Foodie — 7:54 pm May 27, 2014 #

  18. @Oakley34BLAM –
    There is a link on that same page you accessed that allows for searches of up to six years of any food serving establishment in King County: http://info.kingcounty.gov/health/ehs/foodsafety/inspections/search.aspx

    Comment by Ken — 8:19 pm May 27, 2014 #

  19. I guess Thai food is actually a “staple” for some folks. Seriously though, that’s pretty serious.

    Comment by Rick — 8:21 pm May 27, 2014 #

  20. There is a reason they are closed. Good for the city. Their food stinks and is (barely) a resemblance of Thai food. They don’t care.
    You don’t care. You don’t stay in business. Period.

    Comment by WTF — 9:09 pm May 27, 2014 #

  21. Next up – Chopstix. I think everyday is “bring your dog to work day” at that place. I plan to report them bc that’s disgusting. We will never eat there again.

    Comment by A — 10:13 pm May 27, 2014 #

  22. NYC issues letter gradings that are in every restaurant window. “A” is the highest for cleanliness but many people say “B” tastes better.

    Comment by I. Ponder — 10:23 pm May 27, 2014 #

  23. Here is a great article from the Seattle Times from May 17th on this exact subject.


    Comment by Kari — 5:51 am May 28, 2014 #

  24. I’ll stick with Buddha Ruksa. 3 words, crispy garlic chicken!

    Comment by Eric — 12:09 pm May 28, 2014 #

  25. Eric, you might want to view their health department record. Seems to me that a couple of months ago, they must also have been shut down by the health department for a few days.

    Comment by Community Member — 1:39 pm May 28, 2014 #

  26. The only restaurant shut down around here any time in recent years, before this, was Saigon Boat Cafe.

    Comment by WSB — 1:43 pm May 28, 2014 #

  27. Interesting. The health department page clearly says that certain scores require closure until the conditions have been remedied, a plan has been submitted to avoid recurrence, and a re-inspection has occurred. I might guess that they were allowed to fix the errors on the spot and stay open, but the page says that closures must last until the reinspection, and that is in the log with a later date.


    The page shows the score, and the statement about mandatory closure.

    I have nothing against them, or any other restaurant. I believe most violations are accidental, and most establishments quickly respond to correct problems.

    Comment by Community Member — 3:10 pm May 28, 2014 #

  28. Things like “Handwashing facilities inaccessible” and “Failure to correct repeated violations” are not accidental IMO. Some people like their food “spiced” that way though.

    Comment by I. Ponder — 5:32 pm May 28, 2014 #

  29. Commuter, I see nothing from the page you provided but general explanations of the health department procedures, not Buddha Ruksa

    Comment by Eric — 6:42 pm May 28, 2014 #

  30. You have to click the plus sign to open the specifics about that particular establishment. I’m too low-tech to know the technical term for the expandable text but city and county websites are using it more and more …

    Comment by WSB — 6:50 pm May 28, 2014 #

  31. I’ve never been there, and considering the over-abundance of Thai restaurants in the area, I now don’t intend to ever eat at this one. If this had been a one-time violation, that would be one thing, but their failure to correct previous violations for procedures that are not difficult to adhere to speaks volumes about their lack of concern for safety or commitment to quality.

    Comment by Raye Westad — 6:32 am May 31, 2014 #

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