Recognize this shoe? County trying to solve gruesome mystery

May 7, 2014 at 5:05 pm | In West Seattle news, WS miscellaneous | 9 Comments

You might have heard about a shoe that washed up on the downtown waterfront … containing a foot. Above, that’s a photo of the shoe, which the county is distributing in hopes of finding out whose foot that was. Since it was just across the bay from here, we’re publishing the photo here too:

To assist in identifying a missing person, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office is releasing a photo of a shoe found along Seattle’s waterfront on May 6, 2014. The shoe was on a human foot, and they were turned over to the Medical Examiner’s Office by employees of the Port of Seattle’s police department.

The shoe is a New Balance athletic sneaker, men’s size 10-1/2, white with blue trim. This model of shoe was first available for sale in April 2008. A black, cotton Hanes brand sock was also on the foot. The sex, age, ancestry, and stature of the individual are not known.

Anyone who is aware of a missing person known to have worn this type of shoe is asked to call the King County Medical Examiner’s Office at 206-731-3232, ext. 1. Additionally, anyone aware of a missing person who has not been reported is asked to file a missing persons report with the appropriate local law enforcement agency.



    Been round the block with this one..

    Comment by Cannot Resist — 7:46 pm May 7, 2014 #

  2. I don’t think it is appropriate to show a link to a site that makes jokes about a tragedy. Laughing about a possible homicide is something that one should be ashamed of.

    Comment by The Boss — 9:18 pm May 7, 2014 #

  3. While I agree with The Boss, I can’t help but note how San Franciscans have a much better sense of humor than we Scumbags have.

    Comment by WS Wanderer — 9:31 pm May 7, 2014 #


    Comment by No_moo_for_you — 9:51 pm May 7, 2014 #

  5. I disagree. But I am glad you shared your opinion here on the WSB.

    There are many tragic things in this seemingly god-forsaken world and having a sense of humor, dark as it might be, is often the saving grace, rather than something to be ashamed of. Just because you suppose it, The Boss, does not make it so for all. If I thought any family members would read this and were in immediate jeopardy of offense because they recognized the shoe, I wouldn’t have commented. Most often, in tragedies where lives are lost at sea and the intact foot-in-a-shoe remains surface on a distant beach, the length of time and distance can stretch across a decade and an ocean. Knowledge is a powerful thing, The Boss. Try it on sometime.

    In a nutshell, you are not The Boss of me. Or my karma. Nice try though.

    Comment by Cannot resist — 9:59 pm May 7, 2014 #

  6. not the first time in the PNW

    Comment by Mike — 10:03 pm May 7, 2014 #

  7. No, certainly not. But the first one I can recall showing up in Seattle waters, and the first time the King County Medical Examiner has asked for public help with something like this, so, we published it.

    Comment by WSB — 10:07 pm May 7, 2014 #

  8. The medical examiner thinks a family member or a friend would read this because they are asking us if we recognize it. Nice try to justice your meanness. Face it. Not funny

    Comment by The Boss — 3:30 am May 8, 2014 #

  9. I agree with ‘the boss’. Humor has it’s place, and it’s not here…. not yet. Finding this in Elliott Bay makes it more possible a WSB reader might recognize the shoe and solve the mystery. Sobering. Save your gallows humor for another time.

    Comment by furor scribendi — 12:03 pm May 8, 2014 #

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