West Seattle’s second ‘pedestrian retail zone’ presentation planned at Tuesday’s Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights CC meeting

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Tomorrow is your next chance to find out more about the new kind of “zoning overlay” the city is proposing for some business districts – “pedestrian retail zoning.” We first reported on this last month after a presentation at the Morgan Community Association‘s quarterly meeting. Now, the same city rep who made that presentation, Aly Pennucci from the Department of Planning and Development, is coming to another local meeting – tomorrow night’s Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council meeting (6:15 pm, Southwest Branch Library at 35th/Henderson). The city has two “study zones” in the WWRHAH area, as noted in the map above – here are direct links to the city’s “preliminary recommendations” about each of them (scroll to the last page of each one for the site-specific information):
#50 – 35th & Barton
#51 – 35th & Roxbury

Ahead, tomorrow night’s entire agenda as shared by WWRHAH president Amanda Kay Helmick, featuring other major topics including the potential change in garbage-pickup service:

6:15-6:20: Introductions & Community News

6:20-6:25: Ratify Bylaws & Upcoming Elections

6:25-6:50: Department of Planning and Development; Aly Pennucci – DPD is evaluating retail areas within our neighborhood to determine where to suggest adding to existing pedestrian retail areas (pedestrian zones). They will map these areas and apply rules to protect and promote pedestrian retail. They are also considering modifications to current regulations that would apply to existing and new pedestrian zones. Pedestrian retail areas are important because they serve the neighborhood residents’ daily needs. They play a key role in creating safe neighborhoods where you would want to live, work, and shop.


6:50-7:30: Committee & Neighborhood Council Updates

Infrastructure Committee; Chris Stripinis, Committee Chair; Roxbury St & 35th Ave SW; lighting in AH; Sidewalks

Metro Committee: Amanda Kay Helmick; Transit Hub

Roxhill Bog Committee: Rory Donovan; Process Update

Roxhill Park Committee: Amanda Kay Helmick & Eric Iwamoto; Grant update

Community Outreach Committee: Childcare at our meetings

DNDC: Pablo

SWDC: Rory or Eric

7:30-7:40: Garbage Service: Proposed garbage changes and WWRHAH letter to City

7:40-7:45: Wrap Up: Breakdown the room; library locks up promptly at 8 pm.

5 Replies to "West Seattle's second 'pedestrian retail zone' presentation planned at Tuesday's Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights CC meeting"

  • ACG February 3, 2014 (11:07 pm)

    Is there any way to submit comments for this meeting? I do not have childcare tomorrow night and cannot attend. But, I’d like to be able to submit a comment.

    • WSB February 3, 2014 (11:18 pm)

      ACG – WWRHAH’s leaders are very accessible and comment on WSB from time to time, but I can’t guarantee they’ll see the comment thread, so best thing I would recommend is to check the org’s website http://wwrhah.org for a contact address – I’d be shocked if there isn’t one – wait – here you go, see this page: http://wwrhah.wordpress.com/contact-us

  • ACG February 3, 2014 (11:21 pm)

    Thx, TR. Much appreciated.

  • DarkHawke February 4, 2014 (2:13 am)

    I’ve heard about this noise on the news. This is goes right along with all the high-density, no required parking housing developments. If there’s anything we can do to stop further perpetration of this wrongheaded, busybody social engineering, we should do it. “Walkable neighborhoods” is code-language for letting developers get away with not providing parking, or making parking more difficult or outright dangerous to use. I don’t drive myself, but I have no problem navigating parking lots in front of businesses. I’d rather not force those who either want to or have to use cars for transportation to fight for severely limited parking slots or risk their safety in lots that are hidden away from easy view of the street.

  • David Whiting February 4, 2014 (5:47 pm)

    The Admiral Neighborhood Association (ANA) will host Aly Pennucci at our March 11th meeting on this same topic of pedestrian retail zoning as it relates to the Admiral junction.

    In the mean time there is a online survey at the DPD website with a February 28th deadline for preliminary input.
    David Whiting
    ANA President

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