West Seattle doctor’s sudden spotlight for something she did as a little girl

West Seattle naturopath Dr. Rachel Giordano is suddenly in the national spotlight because of a photograph from her childhood modeling days. Dr. Giordano, proprietor of Seattle Weight Loss and Wellness (WSB sponsor), posed in a 1981 ad for Legos, showcased again recently as an example of non-sexist toy marketing, compared to the current, well, pinkitude of girls’ toys, including Legos. Writer Lori Day learned from a friend that Dr. Giordano was the girl in the ad – which has been making the rounds for at least two years – and tracked her down for an interview, published today by womenyoushouldknow.net. Dr. Giordano is quoted as telling Day, “I did so many advertisements as a kid that this LEGO ad did not stand out in my memory … (but) I’m super excited to tell my story!” (Follow the WYSK story link to see the ads – as fervent copyright-law observers, we’re not republishing them until we’re sure it’s OK to do so. Thanks to Marco for the tip on this!)

4 Replies to "West Seattle doctor's sudden spotlight for something she did as a little girl"

  • Debbie February 11, 2014 (1:49 pm)

    That’s awesome…what a great story….Lego should do a NOW and THEN ad with this woman!

  • Scallops February 11, 2014 (9:21 pm)

    I felt the need to respond to this article because of the word “pinkitude.” I for one am so pleased to see things: toys, Seahawks jerseys, water bottles, anything etc. come out in the color pink! I grew up in a time where you couldn’t find anything in pink! Totally a man’s world. I didn’t have a problem with that either, it was just nice when they began to notice that we might enjoy a more feminine color! Now that the people who make things like Legos have notice…let’s give em a break and appreciate them. I happen to like girlie Legos. And I don’t have a problem with you liking non gender Legos.

  • John February 12, 2014 (1:59 pm)

    That was an enjoyable read…thanks.

  • highland park resident February 14, 2014 (7:29 am)

    While I respect Scallops’s opinion, I fall on the opposite end of the spectrum: I absolutely loathe pink and I feel it separates gender in a negative way. I will always be happy when there is a large mix of colors, and not a “pink aisle” for girls. My favorite colors have changed from orange to green to yellow to blue, but pink is always the worst. Not to mention, as a redhead pink looks AWFUL on me, though I can appreciate it one someone else. Variety is the spice of life! No color tyranny!

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