Update: Crash at 42nd/Alaska, pedestrian hurt

(Photo from @UmangJDesai via Twitter)
4:25 PM: Thanks for the tips – there’s been a crash at 42nd/Alaska, reportedly involving a pedestrian. At least 1 tv chopper checked it out. Avoid the area for a while.

4:32 PM UPDATE: The woman who was hit is not believed to have life-threatening injuries.

5:18 PM UPDATE: Just checked; scene is clear.

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  • iggy January 20, 2014 (7:01 pm)

    This is the same intersection where a pedestrian was hit several weeks ago. I was there and saw it happen. A car was turning right from Alaska onto 42nd by Jefferson Square. A Walk light for the pedestrian who was hit. It was daylight. SLOW DOWN DRIVERS, please.

  • Al January 20, 2014 (7:44 pm)

    Cars need to slow down period. This is getting way to busy in west Seattle.

  • hj January 20, 2014 (7:53 pm)

    I walk this intersection daily and it is probably my least favorite in all of Seattle. The number of times I’ve had to shout at cars either turning left or right, from any direction, into an crosswalk occupied by myself is mind-boggling; way more than other busy intersections that I frequent.

  • DB January 20, 2014 (8:13 pm)

    We live right by here and have seen a number of pedestrian/car near-misses, including a car stopping inches from our family. So sorry to hear that someone was hit. To echo iggy: please slow down and look! This area is only going to get busier once Oregon 42 and the other apartment buildings are finished.

  • Susan January 20, 2014 (8:38 pm)

    This is one of the most dangerous intersections in West Seattle. A couple of years ago a car missed me by inches. A teacher at my son’s school was hit here a few weeks ago. Pedestrians crossing on the south side of Alaska east toward Jefferson Square should give oncoming left turners a strong stare, and those turning left onto 42nd should take extra caution. Hopefully with the new development will come some new pedestrian safety features.

  • I. Ponder January 20, 2014 (9:29 pm)

    Intersections are not dangerous. People are selfish and dangerous. Many drivers believe pedestrians do not have the right of way unless the driver consents to it. Try crossing in the crosswalk in front of Husky Deli for a demonstration of this. I support the right to defend yourself with lethal force while attempting to cross the street. After all, cars in the hands of selfish drivers may become lethal weapons.

  • Josh January 20, 2014 (9:33 pm)

    This stretch of road is very confusing, even for a driver familiar with the area. Between the bike lanes, bus lanes, etc., whoever at SDOT thought this was a good idea should be fired!

  • s January 20, 2014 (9:36 pm)

    I’d say that many intersections around this area are also dangerous for the same reasons as this accident was caused; congestion and the driver was turning INTO the setting sunlight, which equals bad visibility. There isn’t an intersection in W Sea where I don’t double check my shoulder multiple times before crossing.

    It wasn’t easy to be there and watch this unfold and I’m very glad to hear it the injuries are not life threatening.

  • Gene January 20, 2014 (10:15 pm)

    What kind of new pedestrian features?? Doesn’t seem to matter if there’s a marked crosswalk with flashing lights- an actual street light -walk/don’t walk-no turn on red- drivers are going faster- not paying attention – or just plain ignoring driving rules.if you’re going to cross the streets in WS- you’d better be super vigilant.

  • seaopgal January 21, 2014 (3:38 am)

    It’s all well and good to say you have to be super vigilant, but what are you supposed to do when a driver suddenly turns left from the right lane with no signal while you are 10 feet into the intersection, as happened to my partner at that corner in December … you scream to warn the elderly lady in front of you and flinch and thank God there wasn’t a car in the opposite lane so that the idiot driver could swerve around you both and keep going. Yes, of course, pedestrians have to be vigilant because they will never win in a collision, but it’s legit to ask that the city review this intersection for clearer lane markings, signal timing, etc.

    Maybe we will find there is a bright side to increasing development … the 6-story building on the corner will soon block the sun, and congestion will become so bad that high speed turns will no longer be an option for drivers, and we will all be able to stroll triumphantly across the street between the idling cars.

  • Gene January 21, 2014 (6:16 am)

    seaopgal- my comment saying be more vigilant- wasn’t trying to put any kind of blame on the pedestrian – it was more to point out that DESPITE all the current ( & in many cases ample)signage- signal timings- lane /crosswalk markings- drivers are still not paying attention- driving too fast. You can ask the city to review every darn intersection in WS- but it seems like some drive with absolutely no concern for other cars or pedestrians. It’s sad & frustrating & maddening.

  • Jason January 21, 2014 (6:38 am)

    I witnessed the incident there in December and wasn’t surprised when I read about the latest given the time of day. The sun at that hour makes it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians when turning south.

  • Kadoo January 21, 2014 (8:06 am)

    Heard on 11:00 news that she was in serious condition. Might want to update this if true.

    • WSB January 21, 2014 (8:13 am)

      I don’t know her name, so it’s not likely that an actual current condition from the hospital will be available. All we know is that her injuries were not described or perceived by medics as life-threatening (as in, critical condition); also, if they were, TCIS would have had to investigate and the intersection would have been closed for hours. – TR
      (added) Aleca’s comment came in while I was writing mine. Thank you to your husband for his kindness and assistance. Wish it wouldn’t have been necessary, but always glad to hear about those who go the extra mile.

  • Aleca January 21, 2014 (8:09 am)

    Any news on the victim? My husband was the good Samaritan Who helped the woman who was hit and waited with her until the ambulance arrived. I know he’d like to know how she’s doing.

  • G January 21, 2014 (8:22 am)

    I’ve never seen the general disregard for pedestrians anywhere else that I’ve witnessed here. Crosswalks? Useless painted lines on a street. Rules are only obeyed here when someone feels self-conscious; otherwise it’s get away with what you can get away with.

  • old timer January 21, 2014 (8:23 am)

    It does not help that at this intersection, the walk sign must be activated if crossing Alaska, but you get an automatic walk sign when crossing 42nd.
    Many times I see people waiting to cross Alaska who have not pressed the activation button and when the light turns green for their direction, they do not get a walk sign, yet they go ahead anyway – after all the light is green.
    Can anyone explain why this is so?

  • enough January 21, 2014 (9:29 am)

    I really hope she is ok. I am very frustrated with the current state of West Seattle!!!

  • artsea January 21, 2014 (9:35 am)

    Maybe this would be a good intersection for an ALL WALK light similar to the California/Alaska intersection. I might like one at California/Oregon too.

  • steve January 21, 2014 (10:39 am)

    ive lived at this intersection for four years. its not the most dangerous in west seattle. have you ever heard of 35th?

  • Anne January 21, 2014 (11:01 am)

    We are lucky to have the WALK ALL WAYS at Calif/Alaska- the city will NEVER ok another . Hey folks- if you want to cross the street & there is an activation button there –PUSH IT! Perhaps the button is there for Alaska because it’s an -Arterial- 42nd isn’t??

  • I. Ponder January 21, 2014 (2:26 pm)

    I just tried to cross at a Junction crosswalk while waving an orange flag and 3 cars passed me while I was in the crosswalk. All of you who say the problem is poor engineering or sunlight are fooling yourselves, excusing incompetence, and intentionally bad behavior.

  • HA January 21, 2014 (6:54 pm)

    This thread is truly fascinating to me. I have never lived anywhere else in the world where people stop as much for peds as they do in WS. No blame on the person who was hit (so glad it’s not serious!) but our streets would be better if we were all more vigilant – cars and peds. Even if you have the right of way, please don’t assume you will be seen and be aware of your surroundings.

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