West Seattle scene: Birds of a feather, photographed together

Thanks to Chris Frankovich for sharing another stirring scene, photographed Christmas Eve morning; he explains, “It was a little gray and hazy but caught two spectaular occurrences: Two eagles in the tree (a first) and the Kenmore airplane flying by.” Click the image for a larger view.

8 Replies to "West Seattle scene: Birds of a feather, photographed together"

  • Christopher Boffoli December 25, 2013 (7:59 pm)

    Hmm. My Spidey senses are telling me that this looks like a very clever composite of two images.

  • Wednesday December 26, 2013 (9:32 am)

    Ya think? I was thinking it must have been taken from a tall building across the street from the eagles, on the north side of Alki point. Pretty tall structure to be as tall as that tree. Or maybe from another aircraft.

  • Alan December 26, 2013 (9:39 am)

    Is this West Seattle? This photo would require a tight cove, which we don’t have many (any) of. I looked via google earth at our coastline and couldn’t find the location.

  • dsa December 26, 2013 (9:49 am)

    It does seem implausible. However maybe the location is Lake Washington.

  • Alan December 26, 2013 (10:01 am)

    I think it was shot from above Seola (Marine View Drive, near 35th) towards Three Tree Point. A powerful telephoto would compress the distance, giving the impression of a smaller cove and make the plane appear to be closer to the eagles than it was. Nicely done.

  • payrollgirl December 26, 2013 (3:58 pm)

    Lake Washington maybe???

  • Christopher Boffoli December 26, 2013 (9:21 pm)

    It is tough to be 100% sure. But if you zoom in there seems to be disturbed pixels around the eagles and vegetation in the left foreground.

  • Chris December 26, 2013 (10:55 pm)

    Alan – You are correct! However the Kenmore Air plane was actually much closer than you would have thought. I was using my 70-200 lens to photograph the two eagles when I was surprised to see the sightseeing plane fly by the upper bank just as my timer released to take another picture.

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