Update: Avalon reopens north of Genesee after medic response, gas problem

December 17, 2013 at 5:02 pm | In West Seattle news, WS breaking news | 18 Comments

ORIGINAL REPORT< 5:02 PM: A medic response and possible gas leak have Avalon blocked north of Genesee. Buses are being rerouted.

5:10 PM: The area where an odor, possibly gas, is detectable is the same area where a possible leak caused trouble some months back – the former church on the east side of Avalon. We should know more shortly – SFD public information officers have arrived.

5:22 PM: SFD’s Lt. Sue Stangl confirmed to WSB at the scene that this incident involves suicide – the natural gas was running, to the point where it was dangerous outside the apartment where it happened. The air has to clear to a safe level before the road can reopen. Medics tried but were unable to revive the victim. (If you or someone you know considers self-harm, 206-461-3222 is the Crisis Clinic‘s 24-hour line.)

5:41 PM: The road has reopened; Metro has resumed normal routing.


  1. Anyone have any more information on this? I live in that part of Avalon :(

    Comment by Rwthw — 5:07 pm December 17, 2013 #

  2. Traffic is awful. Avoid if possible.

    Comment by Katie — 5:09 pm December 17, 2013 #

  3. To add to the traffic confusion, there is a large truck blocking all traffic on Genesee at 26th.

    Comment by Kristin — 5:25 pm December 17, 2013 #

  4. Go down Del ridge to Trenton, then cut up…. Genes see is blocked

    Comment by Eric Thomas — 5:31 pm December 17, 2013 #

  5. We live only a couple blocks away and my husband is stuck with our baby in our car in the back-up. Scary for us but the cause of it is terribly sad.

    Comment by Kathleen — 5:32 pm December 17, 2013 #

  6. Very sorry to read that someone was in so much pain they thought this was the only solution. May they finally be in peace.

    Comment by Ildiko — 5:34 pm December 17, 2013 #

  7. Brandon! Not Tremton!

    Comment by Eric Thomas — 5:34 pm December 17, 2013 #

  8. Sad that people are more worried about traffic , than the fact that some poor soul was so depressed or lonely that they took their life. Rest in Peace hope that you find some peace now.

    Comment by PAM — 5:38 pm December 17, 2013 #

  9. PAM- My traffic post was before I knew it was a suicide. I’m sure others are the same.

    Comment by Katie — 5:49 pm December 17, 2013 #

  10. Pam, I think they posted their comments before the blog updated that there was a suicide.

    Comment by Greta — 5:55 pm December 17, 2013 #

  11. Very sad the person felt this was the only solution.

    Comment by Kathleen — 5:59 pm December 17, 2013 #

  12. I saw the medical examiners truck and a gas company truck on my way back down the hill when they opened it back up. I knew it was something bad then.

    Comment by Shaun — 5:59 pm December 17, 2013 #

  13. This is so sad and a family will be devastated tonight. It’s a rough time of the year for some people.

    Comment by Mary E OConnor — 6:36 pm December 17, 2013 #

  14. So sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with their family and friends. Do you happen to know the address since I live on this street? Thank you.

    Comment by Jenny — 7:24 pm December 17, 2013 #

  15. Jenny – there is an address for the response on the 911 log:
    but I can’t guarantee that’s the actual address – the fire log often shows the address from which something was called in rather than the actual address – we’ve noticed a few cases in which corrections were never made, and that’s one reason why we don’t often quote the address from the log. While at the scene, our crew was focused on finding out what was going on rather than getting the #.

    Comment by WSB — 7:38 pm December 17, 2013 #

  16. It was 3039 according to the dispatch I saw at that time. I live right next to there.

    Comment by Rwthw — 10:05 pm December 17, 2013 #

  17. Thanks to everyone, I’m one off the renters, it was a suicide very tragic. God bless.

    Comment by barbara — 11:17 pm December 17, 2013 #

  18. Was it at the near destroyed property on the corner of yancy and avalon? The one that is just a concrete foundation with graffiti on it?

    Comment by ACthaGod — 1:30 am December 18, 2013 #

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