Purse lost, then found with contents missing: Seen any of them?

From Scott:

While attending the 7:00 X-Mas Eve Service at Fauntleroy Church last night my Mother in Law lost her purse. We were not able to find it in several attempts last night so this morning we went back and after searching we found the purse but all of the contents had been stolen including cash, driver’s license and credit cards.

We believe that one scenario is that the purse was dropped in the driveway while she was getting into the car at my Mother’s house at the corner of Brace Point and Wildwood. The purse nowhere to be found last night when we returned 30 minutes later last night but found it this morning just to the north in the brush in the area directly across Brace Point from the church. My Mother in Law is traveling from out of town and will need to catch a flight back so the missing ID at this point is more important than the cash, credit cards etc. My guess is that at some point the person that found it took what they wanted out of the wallet that was inside and then threw away the wallet. I was hoping that someone may find it so we can at least get the ID back. The driver’s license is from Virginia and my Mother in Laws name is Jane. We can certainly find some ways to get around the airport security issues when not having ID but the easiest solution would be to get the license back so we would be very grateful if someone was to find it and return it.

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  • cid December 25, 2013 (5:18 pm)

    So sorry that Jane had such a disheartening Christmas Eve experience here. Hope at the least, she gets her ID back.

  • Betty Tester December 25, 2013 (8:10 pm)

    So sorry for Jane’s loss. I left my wallet at condiment counter of Taco Time, realized it when got to my car, went right back. Of course it was gone. A homeless man was seen putting something in his backpack and hurried out rear entrance. I drove around area but didn’t see him. Called police immediately. Someone went on foot looking for him., no luck. Next morning my daughter searched bushes and dumpsters near by, no luck. Canceled cards immediately also debit. A streetsmart person could’ve sold all my info but luckily didn’t happen. After the weekend the PO called and said they had my wallet that had been in drop mail box. Said the get dozens daily. Never thought such a thing. I had to very info for them and then it was mailed to me.

    Doesn’t help “Mom” much for now but maybe will happen. Be sure to cancel and replace evreything. Also need to contact one of the Credit Bureaus to flag any accounts, no charge under circumstances.
    Will remain for specific period of time
    Be sure bank is notified.

    I truly know what a brain shock it is. Bad enough it happened without being at this time.

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