Next step for Barton CSO project: Transplanting trees

On the same day that one of King County’s two current combined-sewer-overflow-reduction projects in West Seattle will be the subject of a pre-construction meeting (see our West Seattle Wednesday preview), the other one enters a new phase. As part of the Barton CSO project in Westwood and Sunrise Heights, 24 trees that will be transplanted into new homes – some public right-of-way, some private property – over the next three weeks, as a three-person contractor crew works to dig them up and move them, starting today. The transplants are meant to ensure the trees won’t be destroyed to make way for the bioswales/raingardens that the county is installing, starting next March, to capture rainwater before it gets into the combined-sewer system, therefore helping to keep millions of gallons of raw-sewage-contaminated water from overflowing into Puget Sound when the Barton Pump Station gets overloaded during storms. As shown in the photo we took this morning, the trees that are to be transplanted have been marked with ribbons and notes.

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  • AG November 7, 2013 (9:23 pm)

    With this tree shuffle, we’re going to end up with an extra 2-3 year old Magnolia tree that we cannot use. The city has been unable to find it a home. I’d like to give it to anyone who would like to dig it up. You can even leave a hole in the yard. The tree is approximately 7′ tall and trunk 2″ in diameter.

    If interested, please email me at quadgrande at gmail dot com.

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