Update: 1,100 customers lose natural-gas service in South Park & Highland Park

(WSB photo: Crews mobilizing in South Park)
ORIGINAL REPORT, 12:39 PM: Just in from Puget Sound Energy:

A natural gas regulator is having some problems in the Highland Park area in West Seattle. More than 1000 customers are currently without natural gas service. There is no safety issue. Work is under way to fix the problem. Once the gas-system pressure is operating normally, PSE personnel will go door-to-door to inspect the meters and gain entry to re-light furnaces, water heaters and other gas equipment. Most of the customers affected are residential. This situation is not due to a natural gas leak. There is no escaping natural gas.

We’re hearing about some customers out in South Park, too, and are asking PSE about that.

3:06 PM UPDATE: PSE’s Ray Lane tells us the bulk of the outage IS in South Park, though some are affected in Highland Park too. Here’s his latest update:

Approximately 1,120 PSE customers in the South Park area are without natural gas service due to a suspected problem with the gas system pressure equipment.

This means there is not adequate gas pressure in the system to operate equipment, such as furnaces, water heaters and other appliances. The situation is not due to a natural gas leak.

PSE is on site to correct the problem. We have 28 technicians in the field and will be working to shut down gas service to impacted customers. This allows us to reintroduce gas into the system safely. We anticipate having all customers shut off by 8:00 p.m. Once we have tested and stabilized the system, PSE personnel will need to enter homes and businesses to relight equipment. This may not occur until late in the evening. Customers wanting gas restored overnight should leave a front exterior light on. Service crews will be available all night and through tomorrow morning until all customers are restored.

As in any situation, call PSE or 911 immediately if you smell leaking natural gas. For updates, follow us on Twitter.com/PSEtalk or call 888-225-5773. PSE representatives will also be able to answer customer questions at the South Park Playfield at 8th Ave S and South Sullivan Street.

5 Replies to "Update: 1,100 customers lose natural-gas service in South Park & Highland Park"

  • PangolinPie November 13, 2013 (12:50 pm)

    What if I’m not home when they come around?

  • PangolinPie November 13, 2013 (1:00 pm)

    Answering my own question (after phoning PSE): they will leave a door hanger on the door if you’re not there and you can call them to come back later. The guy I talked to seemed to indicate that the outage was mostly South Park. He could not answer if my house specifically did or did not have gas service.

  • Out for a walk November 14, 2013 (8:16 am)

    Where, exactly, is South Park? Have always wanted to ask that question. What streets are boundaries?

    • WSB November 14, 2013 (8:21 am)

      In short – east of southeast West Seattle, east of Highway 509 but on the west shore of the Duwamish River. Cloverdale is a major east-west artery, eastward to and a little beyond 14th Avenue South. It has bits of unincorporated area – including the exact site of the bridge (past and future) – but is mostly within the city limits. Not sure about the north and south boundaries though – on the north I would say roughly the 1st Avenue S. Bridge, on the south, somewhat close to S. 96th.

  • Out for a walk November 14, 2013 (9:31 am)

    Many thanks for info on South Park. Then, is Highland Park the next neighborhood to the west of South Park with western boarder 35th Ave SW?

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