PACK YOUR BAG! Day 12: Wade back into water storage

Get a chance to catch up on your day-to-day “Go Bag”/disaster-preparedness-kit building on Saturday? No? Today’s another chance to at least get started – and if you’re all caught up, congratulations! Remember we’re doing this with the help of West Seattle Be Prepared, in honor of Washington State Disaster Preparedness Month, because much as we hope The Big One never happens, it COULD happen at any time. (Not to mention other types of disasters …)

Motivation of the day: Saturday’s earthquakes around the globe included a 6.4-magnitude shaker off the coast of Greece. Check out this view on the US Geological Service website showing where people felt it. The USGS calls this feature “Did You Feel It” (DIFY) and anyone can report in about any quake, which helps with data collection.

Now, what to do today for your growing “Go Bag” – Cindi from WSBP writes:

We will continue the water stashing today. If you set aside 2 gallons earlier, today you will add 3 more gallons. For those who are using liter soda bottles and had to break out calculators, I just went online and the answer is today you will fill 11 liters. And a double check for everyone, the goal will be 7 gallons or 27 liters. A reminder for how to clean those bottles – see the cleaning and labeling guide here.

Those 27 liter soda bottles will take up a huge amount of space. Rumor has it that if you ask soda delivery drivers nicely, they will sometimes let you have the plastic carriers that they use, and then you can stack several carriers on top of each other. Let us know if the rumor is true!

For a refresher course (including the conversation in the discussion section), go back to Day 5. And to catch up with other days, scroll through our newest-to-oldest archive of preparedness-related coverage.

6 Replies to "PACK YOUR BAG! Day 12: Wade back into water storage"

  • Robert F October 13, 2013 (2:38 pm)

    Is there a time limit on how long water can be stored? I think I heard somewhere that it has to be periodically rotated, but perhaps I’m wrong.

  • CeeBee October 13, 2013 (6:19 pm)

    Yes, part of the labeling guide recommendation is to label with the date you filled the bottle and to rotate every six months

  • datamuse October 13, 2013 (9:49 pm)

    The CDC has great information on water storage and disinfection.

  • Carla October 14, 2013 (5:23 am)

    We use filtered water and rotate every 6 months. Here is another site about water needs:

  • mbanana3 October 14, 2013 (8:26 am)

    Datamuse, thank you for the CDC link. It answered my questions about how much water to include for pets and pregnant women!

  • maude October 27, 2013 (6:18 am)

    I have heard that if you are able to get to your water heater safely, you can shut the main water off to the house and use what’s in the water heater as drinking water.

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