As-it-happened coverage: West Seattle Art Walk, north to south

We’re starting summer’s last West Seattle Art Walk – it’s year-round, but fall will arrive by the next one – on the north end of the map, at Alki Arts (2820 Alki SW). That’s co-proprietor Diane Venti in our photo with some of tonight’s featured work; also at her gallery, MoonGirl is making music tonight for a sunny evening.

This is also Alki Arts’ final West Seattle Art Walk, since its lease ends at month’s end, after what began as a “temporary” experiment turned into a three-year adventure.

Next, we’re heading south to the Admiral District. Tonight’s venue map/list is here, and Art Walk is on until 9 pm.

6:52 PM: At Mind Unwind (2206 California SW), you’ll meet Los Angeles artist Meagan Segal:

Her art tells a story, with flowers and with the inner workings of humans. Also featured tonight, Seattle artist Robroy Chalmers, and MU proprietor Krystal Kelley has booked live music too – classical guitarist Tim Scallon. Segal and Chalmers’ work together forms the show “Torn Inside,” and is explained in exhibition notes on the WSAW website: “Both look to the body as a source of visual beauty, physical pain, sexual pleasure and intellectual discovery. The images they make reflect a deep understanding of the human form, but both come to a far different end with their rendering of the form.”

Next – we continue southbound, to The Junction.

7:33 PM: Two Junction stops so far, and two more to go. Continuing the north-to-south trajectory, we dropped by Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW; WSB sponsor):

That’s photographer David Atkinson, showing work including incredible natural beauty.

At Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW; WSB sponsor), as reported here earlier this week, it’s the first book signing for Christopher Boffoli since his “Big Appetites” book hit the stores two days ago:

It’s a reception, too, and Click! also is featuring the realist paintings of Ann Duffy tonight.

8:41 PM: Our last two stops for the night, also in The Junction – Twilight Gallery (4306 SW Alaska), where Kristina Griffith was speaking about her “Iconic Women” work, an “illustrative portrait series celebrat(ing) Iconic Women and their diversity”:

Like many of the exhibits that are up on Art Walk night, you can visit the venue to see this one even afterward – it’ll be up all month. (By the way, you might recall that Griffith is one of the artists who did mural work on the vacant storefronts awaiting demolition on the other side of the California/Alaska intersection.)

Speaking of Mural – the lower floor of that building is home to Wallflower Custom Framing (4735 44th SW; WSB sponsor), where Sue Danielson‘s “Circularity Series” opened:

Next WS Art Walk is the second Thursday in October, so that’s October 10th – the venue list is only locked in one quarter at a time, so there’ll be some additions by then; keep an eye on

3 Replies to "As-it-happened coverage: West Seattle Art Walk, north to south"

  • Silly Goose September 12, 2013 (8:55 pm)

    Dang it I was asking everyone if the art walk was tonight and no one knew and we saw no posters. What a perfect night for it…sorry I missed it…

  • Anne September 13, 2013 (7:18 am)

    Silly Goose & anyone else — if you want to know ANYTHING about what’s going in WS- forget about searching & asking others– just click on the Events tab under the WSBLOG’S banner. For everything WS – the BLOG is the place to go! An awesome resource.

    • WSB September 13, 2013 (7:31 am)

      Thanks, Anne … the calendar runs for months into the future, although it’s not as searchable as we would like (hopefully will fix that someday with ongoing technical improvements), so we also always welcome people messaging us with questions if they’re having trouble tracking something down … if somehow we don’t know, we will do our best to find out, and answering questions off-site is part of what we do. has various things including our e-mail/phone/social-media info – Tracy

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