15 new police officers to be part of mayor’s budget proposal

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In about two hours, Mayor Mike McGinn will be in West Seattle for a campaign forum with challenger State Sen. Ed Murray (details in our daily preview). Right now, he’s just wrapping up another announcement about what will be in his 2014 budget proposal, to be unveiled in its entirety next week. Here’s the news release, which also includes word of SPD’s new Code of Ethics:

Today at Atlantic Street Center, Mayor Mike McGinn announced funding for 15 new police officers in the 2014 Proposed Budget.

“We have heard from neighborhoods across the city that their number one safety priority is to see more officers walking beats in their communities” said McGinn. “Our improving budget situation allows us the flexibility to meet that need. These new officers will be recruited in partnership with community groups to ensure that they reflect the diversity of Seattle, and provided extensive training in the new standards and procedures that we have developed through our 20/20 reform plan.”

The mayor also released the Seattle Police Department’s new Code of Ethics, part of the SPD: 20/20 plan, which all new recruits (along with existing officers) will be required to study and sign. The Code of Ethics asks officers to actively commit to doing the following:

· Treat people fairly and act in good faith

· Work toward racial and social justice for all

· Listen to what other people are saying, ask questions and consider their concerns

· Commit to exploring new ways to improve public safety while reducing harm to communities and individuals

· Keep service to our community as my first priority

Interim Police Chief Jim Pugel also outlined some other new training programs recruits will undergo, including Listen and Explain with Equity and Dignity training. This training is intended to develop a style of communicating that is focused on listening and providing answers to “Why” questions. This training model was initiated for new hires in June 2012. In-service training for 2013 will consist of both classroom and scenario based training.

“These new officers will be the cream of the crop” said Pugel. “We have worked extensively with our community partners like Atlantic Street Center, El Centro de la Raza and Filipino Community of Seattle to make sure we’re recruiting folks who are committed to working directly with the public to build a safer community. I look forward to getting these new officers trained and out walking the beat.”

The mayor also directed the press and public to check out the updated 20/20 website at http://www.seattle.gov/spd2020/ for detailed information on where each initiative stands. Most initiatives are nearing completion.


  1. Just in time to claim how much he’s done for the city before the election.

    Comment by smokeycretin9 — 12:01 pm September 17, 2013 #

  2. They’ve made other budget announcements too but they’ve mostly involved overall dollar numbers rather than neighborhood specifics and when I asked for neighborhood-specific details on transportation spending – the other topic of extra interest – the mayor’s office told me those wouldn’t be released until his budget presentation next week. This, however, was specific enough – 15 officers citywide – that we decided to publish the news release. Anybody interested in the full docket of announcements should be able to find them at http://mayor.seattle.gov – TR

    Comment by WSB — 12:19 pm September 17, 2013 #

  3. I guess that makes up for the 26 officers he didn’t hire in 2011, because his budget had other priorities like bicycles. Shootings and standings every day now Downtown, and gangs running through West Seattle. Better late than never. Nothing like an election to convince McGinn to listen to the people.

    Comment by Citizen Wonk — 12:46 pm September 17, 2013 #

  4. Gawd this guy’s motives are transparent. What’s the matter mayor, your anit-gun window sticker program not getting the job done?

    Comment by chuck and sally's van man — 12:52 pm September 17, 2013 #

  5. I’ll admit my bias – I think McGinn is a boob.

    But I am nonetheless impressed at just how craven he’ll be in seeking re-election. Truly … no shame at all.

    Comment by wscommuter — 1:45 pm September 17, 2013 #

  6. McGinn for re-election!!!

    Comment by alki forever — 2:13 pm September 17, 2013 #

  7. hahaha @ wscommuter. I was thinking the same thing. If he thought selling pot to babies would get him elected, he’d be doing it.

    Comment by smokeycretin9 — 4:48 pm September 17, 2013 #

  8. McGinn’s shameless. Good heavens.

    Comment by Spec Op — 8:19 pm September 17, 2013 #

  9. All politicians are shameless, Mcginn just doesn’t hide behind a big fake facade. Personally I find the big fake facade more offending.

    Comment by rico — 7:42 am September 18, 2013 #

  10. Too little, too late.

    Comment by West Seattle Hipster — 4:47 pm September 18, 2013 #

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