West Seattle weekend scene: Proof that safety can be fun!

Thanks to a mini-festival hosted this morning by Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic (WSB sponsor), more local kids will be riding their bicycles more safely. Along with face-painting, food, and a bouncy house, RS&W was providing free bicycle helmets. And speaking of safety, that’s also a big theme for the Seattle Fire Department, represented at the event by Highland Park-headquartered Engine 11:

Some parts of the event were strictly for fun, like the music – and when the DJ hit “Gangnam Style,” a couple of young dancers stole the show:

P.S. Somebody who passed by the clinic today asked us about a sign they glimpsed from the corner of their eye – featuring a famous face – check it out.

4 Replies to "West Seattle weekend scene: Proof that safety can be fun!"

  • community member August 3, 2013 (7:52 pm)

    Cute Walken sign, but of course it’s not legal to use a celebrity’s photo like that without authorization. And I doubt he’s authorized it or endorsed that particular clinic. And so, it is basically a sign that says “We don’t care about rules, but trust us anyway”

  • Community Member August 3, 2013 (10:23 pm)

    Interesting link, thanks for posting that. But how is a chiropractor ad a “matter[s] of cultural, historical, political, religious, educational, newsworthy, or public interest?” Somehow I don’t think that list says “any business, anytime, anywhere”.

  • C-to-the-B August 3, 2013 (11:46 pm)

    Reason # 4,397,568,016 why I love the West Seattle Blog. Journalism at its finest! Knowing the rules & stickin’ to ’em (in regards to grammar, content, reporting, professionalism, tact, awareness, the list goes ON and ON!). Thank you for being spot on, yet again, WSB. I heart you.

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