West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen gun found, 2 arrested

We took that photo Saturday near High Point’s Bataan Park, after a tip about a sizable police response – but didn’t have enough information for a story until now. Police at the scene told us they were trying to sort out a report about someone with a gun; no one had been shot or otherwise victimized. Now, the rest of the story, from SPD Blotter:

Two men were arrested for felonies and a stolen handgun was recovered following a citizen who called 911 to report “a man with a gun” in a park in West Seattle.

On Saturday, August 10th at approximately 4:22 p.m. officers responded to High Point Drive SW and SW Bataan Street for the report of a group of males in a park to the east with a handgun. Officers arrived on scene and detained eight subjects while they investigated further. The officers recovered a handgun that upon further investigation turned out to be stolen.

A 21-year-old male suspect was subsequently booked into the King County Jail for being a convicted felon illegally in possession of a firearm and also for possession of stolen property (the handgun).

A second suspect, a 20-year-old male, was booked into the King County Jail on an active felony warrant for escape.

12 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen gun found, 2 arrested"

  • Sean August 12, 2013 (7:42 am)

    What is it about west Seattle that brings all these two time losers here???
    Thanks to the SPD and an alert citizen at least these two are out of here… For at least a little while….

  • Ken August 12, 2013 (8:05 am)

    The weather? Same as the rest of us?

  • skeeter August 12, 2013 (8:15 am)

    I live less than two blocks away. This park is packed with kids. In fact, I helped build that park. Thanks so much to the SPD for removing these criminals. Crime is so incredibly frustrating because everyone loses.

  • Heather August 12, 2013 (10:28 am)

    This is or isn’t related but it could be the “gas station” on 35th adjacent to Walgreens that’s a drug distribution hub that adds to the crime around Highpoint.

  • Seattlite August 12, 2013 (1:00 pm)

    Good for the citizen who was smart enough to call 911. Hoooray for SPD responding quickly and nabbing the perps.

    skeeter — I agree about crime and frustration. It will never go away but vigilance can help control it.

  • HP Resident August 12, 2013 (1:54 pm)

    THANK YOU to whoever saw the gun and called SPD! I drove by just before the cops showed up, and it looked innocent enough. A group of boys/men BBQing. I never would have guessed that this was the situation.

  • scubafrog August 12, 2013 (3:51 pm)

    The judge will just let them both go. Why are people happy that they were apprehended?

  • HP Community Mem. August 12, 2013 (5:50 pm)

    To Scubafrog– it sends a message about what is acceptable in this new High Point, it sets a precedent for behavior and it demonstrates our community looking out for itself.

  • Kruez August 12, 2013 (6:51 pm)

    At this point I wish they’d just tear the park down and build some more town houses. Far too much gang activity. Hopefully the SPD make patrolling that neighborhood a higher priority.

  • wsguy August 12, 2013 (8:13 pm)

    The judges will let them out in 24 hrs most likely…

  • Eric1 August 12, 2013 (11:28 pm)

    Obviously lax judges. You would think that two persons convicted of felonies would not be on the streets at an age of 21 let alone 20. Felonies should be 5 years in jail minimum. It might solve some of our problems.

  • TheOtherDude August 13, 2013 (9:51 pm)

    I wouldn’t tare it down, but kruez does have a point about the gang activity. I’ve seen them hanging out and selling drugs in plain daylight. It would be nice if more citizens got involved to report this type of behavior and see if we can clean up the neighborhood.

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