Early-morning traffic alert: Portables leaving Boren tomorrow

(WSB photo: Work being done on one of the Boren-stored portables today)
An early-morning traffic alert for the next two days, from Tom Redman at Seattle Public Schools: Three portables are about to leave the Boren campus at 5950 Delridge Way SW. Before 6 am tomorrow, one single portable will be taken from Boren, bound for Bagley Elementary in North Seattle. Before 6 am Thursday, two double portables will be taken from Boren to Schmitz Park Elementary in north West Seattle. SDOT will determine the exact routes before the moves.

5 Replies to "Early-morning traffic alert: Portables leaving Boren tomorrow"

  • Trying! August 13, 2013 (6:57 pm)

    Why are the portables being taken from Boren to Schmitz when the portables from Genesee Hill are on blocks and ready to transport? They are only a few blocks away with no main roads.

  • Trying! August 13, 2013 (7:23 pm)

    Why are they sending portables from Boren when the portables at the Genesee Hill school are on blocks and ready to move? The Genesee school is only a couple of blocks from Schmitz and the move doesn’t involve any major roads.

    • WSB August 13, 2013 (7:32 pm)

      Don’t know and can’t ask anyone till tomorrow but: For one, I doubt all portables are created equal – the ones at the Genesee campus have been there, idle, as you know, for several years. For two, the ones at Boren are taking up space at a campus that’s currently in use – I haven’t been back to look to see if those are indeed the ones set up for the move, but the ones in our photo, with a few workers tinkering on them when we drove by, are the ones blocking some playground area right by the Boren building. (There are also a couple on the far south end of the parking lot.)

  • StemMama August 13, 2013 (8:50 pm)

    Sweet! Badly needed elbow room on this playground is happening. Kids will be thrilled! Thanks SPS!

  • Mike August 13, 2013 (9:22 pm)

    I love that they gave two whole days notice on the road to not park along multiple roads so they can do this. Hopefully nobody is out of town, would suck to find their car towed when they get back.
    How exactly are they going to put the new portables in place? They have two currently obstructing the access points to where they plan to dump the new ones.

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