Door-to-door alert: Seattle Police’s cautionary ‘Comcast rep’ tale

It’s come up often, especially in the WSB Forums – how to tell whether someone who comes to your door, claiming to be a rep for Comcast, really IS. And even then, we learn in the latest newsletter from Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Solomon, that’s no guarantee all’s well, especially if you didn’t request the visit. He says a recent incident in West Seattle prompted this:

Seattle Police Newsletter, July 2013

P.S. In case you – like a commenter – cannot see or access the document we embedded via Scribd, here’s the original PDF, uploaded to our server (it came from SPD via e-mail attachment, otherwise we’d happily point you to their site).

5 Replies to "Door-to-door alert: Seattle Police's cautionary 'Comcast rep' tale"

  • trickycoolj July 3, 2013 (2:03 pm)

    Is there an alternative link? Scribd is blocked in my workplace.

  • asj July 3, 2013 (2:34 pm)

    Maybe Comcast shouldn’t just send technicians to people’s homes without properly notifying them.

  • pupsarebest July 4, 2013 (12:21 am)

    Post a “No Soliciting” sign on your premises, and don’t answer your door if you aren’t expecting company or before verifying who’s at your door.

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