West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 reader reports & a reunion

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports to share this morning, plus a followup with some good news, and a chance to get educated about crime prevention. First, a burglary reported by Sharon:

There was a break-in on the 6300 block of 50th Av SW (Thursday). A dark green or dark blue car that looks like a older-model Toyota Camry was seen canvassing the neighborhood earlier in the week and (Thursday) morning. The same description of a vehicle was seen in Arbor Heights the day a recent (burglary) took place. Please ask neighbors to make sure to lock their doors, windows, & remove belongings from their cars. And, importantly, to note the license plate number of any suspicious vehicles hanging around their street.

Next, a car prowl reported by Michael:

Just want to give my neighbors a heads-up: I’m in the 50xx block of Waite Street and sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, my Honda Odyssey minivan was broken into. The car was parked directly in front of my house and there were no signs of forced entry. My fear is that I left the doors unlocked. Not sure what they were looking for, but they made off with a few music cd’s, video dvd’s, a set of Rosetta Stone Italian Language disks, and the car’s owners manual folder. This last item is the most concerning as I had my car insurance and registration forms inside that folder too. They were discerning thieves though. I found a few of the dvd’s they didn’t want to keep thrown in my bushes a few yards away. I assume they don’t have children, because they didn’t keep the Magic School Bus or Saigwa dvd’s.

And we have some good news – Miranda and her husband have their moped back, and want to say a big public THANK YOU to the person who found it in the Alki area, not far from where it was stolen (as reported here Tuesday); after the finder matched it to the photo published here, a moped reunion ensued.

P.S. Want to find out simple ways to prevent/reduce crime around your home/apartment? Come to the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting next Tuesday (April 23rd), 6:30 pm at the Southwest Precinct meeting room (off Webster just west of Delridge) to see Officer Jon Kiehn‘s renowned presentation on CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). Here’s more info on the WSBWCN website.

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  • HC @ Arbor Heights April 19, 2013 (10:51 am)

    Regarding the break-in on 50th – the police have been provided video footage and a still shot of this car, its license plate, and the thief when it/they were in Arbor Heights. Hopefully they will be caught soon!

  • JM @ Gatewood April 19, 2013 (12:17 pm)

    Yesterday around 2:00 PM, saw a late model green Honda Civic rolling slow down Holden St, and stopped for an extended period at Calif. & Holden (didn’t look traffic related). I circled around the block, saw them turn down 41st from Thistle. They saw me again, backed up, turned around and headed east, back onto Thistle. Just seemed strange.

  • Churchlady April 19, 2013 (4:13 pm)

    I live near Delridge & Roxbury and noticed that every mail box on my street was open. I’m assuming that someone was looking for mail to steal. This happens several times a week. Fortunately my mail is delivered late, when I’m home from work. My neighbors have camera’s set up and hopefully they caught a glimpse of these thieves. I will talk with my neighbors later tonight. Any suggestions on who I should call about this? Cops or my post office?

  • HC April 19, 2013 (8:50 pm)

    Car referenced in my comment above: dark green Toyota Camry with tinted windows, license plate #AAD 3—. Female driver with brown hair. Male passenger with red hair/receding hairline.

    • WSB April 19, 2013 (8:54 pm)

      Editor’s note: Last three digits of license plate in above comment removed; we don’t publish third-party identifying information such as names, addresses, license plates unless people are charged with crimes or police put out a bulletin looking for them – as long as police have the full license-plate #, that’s what matters, and this would be enough for someone to say “hey, might be the same people” – Tracy

  • joann April 20, 2013 (9:06 am)

    My car was rifled last night some time on 4500 block of 19th ave sw Some cash and the gps was stole. There can’t be a marked for my old broken gps? Where do these people try and sell the stuff they steal. Surely it can’t be worth it?

  • Heather April 20, 2013 (7:04 pm)

    Remember that people are taking their driving tests around Thistle…a lot of stopping, backing up…always catches me off guard.

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