Water weirdness in north West Seattle? You’re not alone

April 23, 2013 at 9:32 pm | In Genesee Hill, Utilities, West Seattle news | 11 Comments

Reports of discolored water have come in via e-mail, via Twitter, and the WSB Forums tonight – mostly in the Genesee area. Residents who checked with Seattle Public Utilities say they were told fire crews were running the hydrants earlier today; via e-mail, Eileen adds, “They suggested not running much hot water right now since it will fill up your hot water tank w/ sediment. Wish I’d known that before running the dishwasher tonight!” If you’re having this problem tonight – or encounter it some other time – check out this online advice from SPU.


  1. Thank you! I’m on Genesee Hill and the water’s all cloudy tonight, was wondering what was going on…

    Comment by soosan — 9:50 pm April 23, 2013 #

  2. bummer; I’ve had that happen before; why do they do that without any notice to residents?

    Comment by Diane — 10:10 pm April 23, 2013 #

  3. We live about 8 blocks west of the Junction and our water is reddish brown. Started about 8:30 pm tonight.

    Comment by Bob — 10:11 pm April 23, 2013 #

  4. Has anybody seen a change in water pressure? I imagine it is just coincidental that we are seeing the colored water and having a change in pressure….but thought I’d ask before I call a plumber!

    Comment by momoftwoboys — 11:19 pm April 23, 2013 #

  5. 8 blocks west of juction and 2 south of Genesee water still muddy this morning

    Comment by kc — 6:28 am April 24, 2013 #

  6. We have had this problem several times in the last couple of months east of Cali Ave. Not hydrant related though. I called the city a couple of times and they assured me it was fine to use. The first explanation was that there had been a lot of water used fighting a couple of fires and that the reservoir needed to settle.

    Comment by Kerry — 8:36 am April 24, 2013 #

  7. Our water is clear this morning. Just west of the Junction. It just takes time for the water to clear.

    Comment by Bob — 8:39 am April 24, 2013 #

  8. I agree with Dianne-if not for the WSB, I would not have known the reason for the change in water color/clarity within the house. Bummer as we did run some showers, dish washings and laundry. I would not have done this had I been informed. How is information such as this made known the homeowners/Seattle Public Utilities customers in advance of the activity (so we can respond appropriately and preventatively in advance)??

    Comment by norskgirl — 12:52 pm April 24, 2013 #

  9. When SPU does work that could cause discolored water we usually provide notices in advance. But SPU would not know when Seattle Fire is testing hydrants or fighting a fire that draws down the main.

    Comment by Susan Stoltzfus — 5:50 pm April 24, 2013 #

  10. Thank you, Susan, for the patient clarification.

    Comment by norskgirl — 7:17 am April 25, 2013 #

  11. Happening to us now too. Genesee Hill – 52nd Ave. Had a truck on our street earlier today. Not sure what it was, but water was streaming down our street.

    Comment by Bill — 10:28 pm April 30, 2013 #

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