Repairs ahead for Beach Drive utility pole after small fire

Some who live near 63rd/Beach Drive might lose power for a while later today when repairs are made to that pole following a small fire. That’s according to the Seattle City Light staffer who was keeping watch on the area until the repair crew arrived. He says loose wiring sparked the fire. You’ll note in our photo, this is the same pole that houses one of the Seattle Police surveillance cameras (no activation decision for the system yet; here’s our coverage archive).

3 Replies to "Repairs ahead for Beach Drive utility pole after small fire"

  • Jerome Cohen April 27, 2013 (9:25 pm)

    So far no power outage. I would live with the power outage if the pole and camera burnt down!

  • BeachDriveBoy April 27, 2013 (10:17 pm)

    Jerome – would you feel the same way if the camera allowed the ID of someone breaking into your house, or your car parked outside?
    Just askin’…
    Seriously, a camera in a public space is no different than a cop on the beat, just in this case, the ‘cop’ is always there, and always on the lookout.
    If Jerome doesn’t want the camera, can we bring it down to cover my block?

  • chuck and sally's van man April 27, 2013 (10:58 pm)

    Would those cameras in question be the still fully UNvetted cameras our mayor promised us? I know he’s got basketball millionaires and the NBA to be worrying about, but still, I would think that he might wanna do some actual work as it pertains to simple human privacy.

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