Happening now: Playing & bidding at animal advocates’ Catsino

Silent auctions are a bit like shopping at sales – though you’re never sure if you’re going to have the winning bid – with a bonus payoff: You know your money’s going to do good work. In the case of “Catsino,” under way at Beveridge Place Pub in Morgan Junction until 6 pm, it’s going to help those who can’t speak or fight for themselves – animals. There are so many circumstances in which the organizations behind the event – presented by Furry Faces Foundation – step in. If furry friends like Nora could say thanks, we’re sure they would:

In addition to the beneficiaries, Catsino also involves local businesses and groups who are sponsoring – and staffing! – the just-for-fun game tables, like Ventana Construction (WSB sponsor), whose Anne Higuera is at right in our next photo:

Ventana’s offering a “Carpenter for a Day” item in the silent auction, we noticed, so go bid! The fun’s not even half over. The pub’s at 6413 California SW.

4 Replies to "Happening now: Playing & bidding at animal advocates' Catsino"

  • natinstl April 7, 2013 (3:55 pm)

    Can we bid even if we’re not gambling?

  • Nw April 7, 2013 (6:03 pm)

    What happened to all the great dive bars we once had here in West Seattle? Does anyone out there know of a classic one in the area?

  • Celeste17 April 7, 2013 (9:57 pm)

    Natinstl-Yes you an bid on any item Furry Faces and Associates offer without gambling. The gambling is separate from the auction.

  • cranky Westie April 8, 2013 (9:54 am)

    This is just the sort of wild “rave” scene that will drive West Seattle (and immediate environs) into a old testament bowel of inequity! Why, I remember when animals were kept at home on chains and fed table scraps, their masters embarrassed by their antics and behaviors. Now humans see fit to take their livestock to barrooms and ply them with liquor (now demonically available at BARTELLS!) and games of chance! As if the threat to freedom from NORTH KOREA and the KIWANIS CLUB were not enough for the weary residents of so called West Seattle, we now must contend with drunken, gambling, house cats staggering around our streets, yowling for catnip and “treats” like some Etruscan pagans! If I were not the sole moral comapss of this community I would be removing myself to some new sunny clime, a Terra Nova of moral superiority wherein cats would be left at home and the Kiwanis club would stop the pancake breakfasts (or allow more sausage per plate refills). Maybe Burien or some place.

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