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Election 2013: Dow Constantine’s re-election campaign kickoff

Tonight, the first big Election 2013 event in West Seattle – King County Executive Dow Constantine‘s re-election campaign kickoff filled The Hall at Fauntleroy, where he kicked off his State House campaign 17 years ago. He was introduced by County Councilmembers Larry Gossett and Joe McDermott (Constantine starts speaking about 7 minutes into the video):

We’ll add a few more photos later. This year’s primary is August 6th, and the general election is November 5th.

ADDED: Some other sightings from the event – and what public records show about who’s running:

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West Seattle Weather Watch: Rainbow & golden glow

So beautiful tonight just before sunset – if you looked west, golden sunlight started to overtake the clouds, as a misty shower passed through, and looking northeast, you might have seen the view above, a rainbow over downtown along with the golden glow. Thanks to Stephen Bergenholtz for sharing the photo, taken outside Marination ma kai (WSB sponsor) at Seacrest. Might have a chance for sun/showers mix again in the days ahead, judging by the forecast.

St. Patrick’s Day weekend 2013: Citywide traffic-alert roundup

March 14, 2013 6:38 pm
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SDOT has shared one of their trademark weekend-traffic heads-up notes most commonly seen in the summertime – because there’s a lot happening that might affect how you get around and through the heart of the city in the next three days. That includes Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown (with two local schools’ marching bands, as previously mentioned) and more – Read on for details:

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Permit-less parking-lot paving torn out in North Delridge

Don’t know how many days ago this happened, but we just noticed it today while turning around in the SW Yancy dead-end adjacent to Longfellow Creek, across from Allstar Fitness – the asphalt-topped parking lot installed after an old industrial facility was torn down has been torn out. Now the lot is just dirt. Checking the city’s online file, repeated violation notices were issued because the parking lot (“more than 2,000 square feet of impervious surface”), the city says, was installed without a permit. The removal was done with a permit, which was “finaled” by a city inspector yesterday (and there also was a permit for last year’s demolition of the buildings on the site). There have been previous proposals for new commercial buildings on the site, but none appears to be active right now.

Alki Tavern closure countdown: Scenes from the auction

(Photos by Nick Adams for WSB)
Most business-fixture auctions are anti-climactic … days or weeks after the shutdown, with the business space a near-empty echo of its past. But Alki Tavern, ending its 38-year run this Sunday, decided not to do it that way. Tavern owner Gill McLynne (above) decided to auction off the memorabilia last night – in a raucous atmosphere among friends, with the tavern still open and rocking. WSB contributing photojournalist Nick Adams was there. No surprise, it drew a crowd:

Adam Price served as auctioneer:

Any winning bid was cause for celebration – here’s Marshall Thomas to celebrate:

Ahead, some of what was bid on – no, not all beer signs!

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Seattle Public Schools: Partial hiring/spending freeze; Strategic Plan meetings

March 14, 2013 1:06 pm
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Two notes this afternoon from Seattle Public Schools HQ:

PARTIAL HIRING-SPENDING FREEZE: The district says that because of an expected $18 million budget shortfall for next year and uncertainty over how the Legislature will handle school funding, SPS is “implementing a non-critical hiring and spending freeze until further notice. This freeze is expected to save at least $2.5 million, which can be carried over to assist in building a balanced 2013-14 budget.” The district announcement stresses, “Critical positions that are needed for either safety or classroom instruction are excluded from this freeze.” (Full announcement here.)

STRATEGIC-PLAN MEETINGS: As the district updates its “strategic plan” – we recently linked to an online survey – it’s planning five community meetings. Here in West Seattle, there’s one at 6:30 pm Tuesday, April 2nd, in the auditorium at Chief Sealth International High School (interpreters will be available for Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Chinese, Tagalog, Amharic). Read about the strategic-plan process here; the School Board is expected to get a first look at the proposed plan for its June 19th meeting.

West Seattle development: Comment time for 3050 Avalon Way

March 14, 2013 11:27 am
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It’s public-comment time for another Avalon Way development proposal: The land-use permit application has just been filed for 3050 Avalon, which we’ve been tracking. It’s now described as a 14-unit, four-story “congregate residence” – previously a “boarding house,” with the same developer as a “boarding house” under construction further west on Avalon next to the 7-11. (We’re checking with the city regarding differences, if any, regarding the terminology.) No parking spaces included (optional since the building’s on the RapidRide line). The official notice is here, announced in today’s Land Use Information Bulletin, and it explains how to comment before the March 27th deadline. This is the third land-use-permit application in a week in that block of Avalon, after the much-larger apartment buildings noted here last Thursday.

West Seattle Thursday: WS Art Walk; Rat City Art City; 3210 California ‘briefing’ (since Design Review is postponed)…

(Townsend’s Warbler photographed in Fauntleroy Park by Mark Wangerin)
Busy news day already, but before we get much further along, a quick break for five highlights from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar for today/tonight:

CAMPAIGN KICKOFF: West Seattle’s most prominent politician, County Executive Dow Constantine, is launching his re-election campaign tonight with a kickoff event at The Hall at Fauntleroy, 5:30 pm.

WEST SEATTLE ART WALK: 6-9 pm, it’s the March edition of the West Seattle Art Walk, with venues and artists highlighted on the official website. Among your potential stops: Mesmerizing metalpoint by Sarah Loertscher at Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor).

RAT CITY ART CITY: White Center’s art walk is moving to the second Thursday of the month starting tonight, also 6 pm-9 pm, so art fans can check out what’s happening to the south, too. Venues and artists are listed here.

DESIGN REVIEW POSTPONED – BUT YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT: As reported here on Wednesday afternoon, today’s Design Review Board meeting for the 3210 California SW project has been postponed because of a notification error. We are told that a development rep and city rep will be at the previously scheduled place/time (6:30 pm, Senior Center of West Seattle) to offer a “briefing” – no board present, no vote, no public comments – in case anyone shows up, since they couldn’t get out official notification.

GENESEE HILL SCHOOL AND GSNC: In the Schmitz Park Elementary cafeteria (5000 SW Spokane), community conversation about the latest design of the new elementary school at Genesee Hill is scheduled for 6:30 tonight, followed by a short meeting of the Genesee-Schmitz Neighborhood Council around 8 pm.

Much more on the calendar – see for yourself here (and if you haven’t looked lately – our big server upgrade this past Monday brings the calendar page up faster, too).

Update: Car-theft suspect arrested after Shorewood air, ground search

(One of more than half a dozen law-enforcement cars spread out over search area in Shorewood)
9:38 AM: We’re getting a few reports of the King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter Guardian One over the Shorewood area again. Just checked with KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West and she confirms the helicopter is assisting with a ground search, but no details just yet – so far it does not seem to be related to the recent search in that area. We’re headed that way and will update with new information when we get it.

9:55 AM: The search is centered even further south so at this point unless we receive information of it heading north, we’ll be focusing our updates on partner site White Center Now.

10:36 AM: Again, more details at that link (including 3 Highline Public Schools campuses taking precautions), but bottom line in new info from KCSO: Deputies pulled over a stolen car; someone inside had a car-theft warrant, and bolted.

10:43 AM: As updated on WCN – Sgt. West says the suspect is in custody, so this situation is wrapping up.

Followup: West Seattleites’ Tomboy Exchange hits funding goal

(Photo courtesy Tomboy Exchange)
One month ago, we reported on Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez, the West Seattleites who went to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter in search of $75,000 to launch a clothing line geared to women 40+ called Tomboy Exchange. Today they’re celebrating success, with supporters helping them meet and exceed that goal. Their official announcement says the $76,000 they raised “will launch TomboyX’s first line into full production and help start an online boutique.” The clothing will be made here in Seattle, they reiterate: “It’s an important factor to TomboyX that the clothing is designed and made locally — to keep jobs in America, stimulate the economy, and offer the best quality garments possible.” Keep an eye on

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday on the move

(Live view from the west-facing WS Bridge camera; see other cameras on the WSB Traffic page)
No scheduled road work today or even this weekend – so here’s hoping for an uneventful day. P.S. if you want to check the weather, sunrise/sunset, moon, tides, etc., it’s all on the WSB Weather page.

Catsino 2013: Cards & dice for cats & dogs – discount-ticket time!

Games people play, to help their furry friends: That’s what Catsino is all about, and it’s just a few weeks away, announce the animal advocates of Furry Faces Foundation. 2-6 pm April 7th at Beveridge Place Pub, which co-hosts Catsino with F3:

Hey Furry Faces Foundation Supporters, what do Texas Snip ‘em, Pig Craps, BlackCat 21, and Studless Draw all have in common?

“These are just a few of the thirteen crazy Las Vegas-style games we’ll be playing during the Catsino Silent Auction,” says Lora Swift of Furry Faces Foundation. “Local businesses and animal rescue groups are adopting the gaming tables, dealing out the cards, and rolling the dice. Enjoy meeting local rescue groups and bid on unusual, unique silent auction items! All proceeds benefit Furry Faces Foundation, A.A.R.F., Community Cat Coalition, and Regional Animal Services of King County.”

Tickets are just $25 at the door, or save $5 by purchasing your ticket by April 5th at one of our five ticket outlets. Each Catsino Silent Auction guest will receive a door prize ticket, one free drink ticket, and hors d’oeuvres. “Use your ‘Vaccination Record Passport’ as a guide to visit and play at each table,” says Teri Ensley, F3 Leader. “Every time you play for at least five minutes at a table you have not visited before, you will receive a stamp. Play at six different tables, you’ll earn an extra Grand Raffle ticket; play at nine different tables — another Grand Raffle Ticket; play at all thirteen and earn a total of three grand raffle tickets!”

“This is a chance for our community to meet our local business owners in a fun, personal setting and learn more about animal rescue groups,” say Gary Sink and Terri Griffith, owners of Beveridge Place Pub, “and, if you like what you hear ‘n’ see, drop a few dollars into their donation bucket or sign up to volunteer with them! We know that A.A.R.F., Community Cat Coalition, Regional Animal Services of King County, and Furry Faces Foundation folks are looking forward to meeting all of you!’

For more information, please visit: or e-mail

The fine print: Catsino Silent Auction entertainment is a Recreational Gaming Activity; Catsino Bucks have no monetary value and all prizes are non-monetary. Also note: Beveridge Place Pub is 21+.. It’s one of five places where you can buy tickets early and save $5 – along with Hotwire Online Coffeehouse, The Wash Dog, Ventana Construction (all WSB sponsors), and Pet Elements.

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