What brought TV choppers to The Junction: NOT a robbery

February 8, 2013 at 11:42 am | In Crime, Helicopter, West Seattle news | 15 Comments

helicopterwatch.png11:42 AM: Police initially tweeted there was a report of a robbery at West Seattle Coins at California/Oregon. However, the manager told us at the scene that they were NOT robbed – they had to deal with a disruptive person in the store. The store is open for business.

11:58 AM: We also reconfirmed with Seattle Police public affairs that further investigation revealed *no* robbery.


  1. The helicopter is back again…

    Comment by Westgirl — 11:53 am February 8, 2013 #

  2. Probably so the TV people who had it wrong the first time can explain they had it wrong. Don’t know. Nothing else going on.

    Comment by WSB — 11:54 am February 8, 2013 #

  3. Do you know why there are still helicopters flying around if there is no problem?

    Comment by maxine — 11:55 am February 8, 2013 #

  4. I think it was KOMO before and now it’s Chopper 7. Guess they didn’t get the memo. Looks like they’re heading out anyway.

    Comment by mannamc — 11:56 am February 8, 2013 #

  5. Seriously, what is the point of after-the-fact camera shots from the sky, and for that matter, live, on-location reports in front of banks, buildings, etc, long, long after events have occurred? I know Jim Foreman is famous for standing in swollen rivers and such, but I’ve never understood the value-added or necessity of seeing helicopter camera angles and views, filming scenes from above long after events occurred. Frankly, it makes the roving reporters “bringing us the story” look like idiots, standing in the darkness in front of places shuttered hours earlier. What am I missing?

    Comment by pjmanley — 12:04 pm February 8, 2013 #

  6. Yeah, yeah. I know this one happened in daylight, but were it a true robbery, we’d probably see a reporter standing on the sidewalk at 11:08 pm tonight, coming to us “live” from the scene of an earlier robbery. That’s what I’m curious about.

    Comment by pjmanley — 12:06 pm February 8, 2013 #

  7. I imagine it might have been the disheveled, apparently intoxicated man who yelled at me as he stepped into moving traffic at 10:35 AM. I was turning right onto California from WB Oregon, he was heading towards the store.

    Comment by Keith — 12:18 pm February 8, 2013 #

  8. C’mon folks, it’s show biz!

    Comment by Rick — 1:36 pm February 8, 2013 #

  9. Dang, a missed opportunity for “Danger” Jim to add a new bit of ridiculous footage to the montage.

    Comment by Ajax — 2:26 pm February 8, 2013 #

  10. He generally works nightside so this was a little too early.

    Comment by WSB — 2:45 pm February 8, 2013 #

  11. Maybe WSB can get some of their own drones cheap from SPD !

    Comment by David — 8:02 pm February 8, 2013 #

  12. The news is terrible here!
    I was watching before school with my 5th grader this week when King5 reported at a construction site. Apparently there had been a raccoon up in a crane. My daughter said that it sounded cool so we continued to watch. Every repeated segment after the first was the same–the raccoons were gone! She asked me why they were still there if there really wasn’t a story anymore. I chuckled, shook my head, and said we should be happy it’s a slow news day!

    Comment by NorDel — 6:53 am February 9, 2013 #

  13. My family has a saying: “Jim Forman in a parka,” which is the answer to the question, “What’s the weather forecast for the weekend?” whenever there’s the slightest chance for slightly above normal intensity of weather. Jim’s parka-wielding skills are really wasted on our fairly uneventful weather. Think what he could do on the Weather Channel with a travel budget!

    Comment by Scooterista — 8:21 am February 9, 2013 #

  14. oh and then there was a funny one when a channel kept breaking in for coverage of the 787 landing – they first showed pictures of a small propeller plane thinking it was the 787…..hilarious.

    Comment by sgs — 10:52 am February 9, 2013 #

  15. In response to the raccoon comment: It is a mandatory part of Seattle news to have an animal segment. Watch. You will see I am correct.

    Comment by JP — 1:08 pm February 9, 2013 #

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