West Seattle Crime Watch: Car-theft, car-prowl reports

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports tonight – first, Lizz reports a car theft:

Hey, my car was stolen from the corner of 9th and Thistle in the Highland Park area, in the middle of the night between 2/15-2/16, not sure what time. It is a light blue Honda Civic ’91, with a fuzzy steering wheel, cherries and a yellow air freshener tree hanging from the front mirror. There is no side mirror on the right side. The license plate number is 530YTG. Please keep an eye out, and if spotted, please call the police and Tina at 206-321-5660. Thank you!

And from Diane, a car prowl:

I want to report that we had our car prowled (Charlestown &52nd Ave SW) sometime late last night 2/16/13 or early this morning 2/17/13. The car was unlocked and there was nothing of great value in it but the contents of the glove box were strewn all over and my dog barrier was broken. It seems they did not take the change from the door pocket but did make off with some leather gloves and I’m hoping nothing else.

Yet another reminder – your next chance to bring neighborhood-crime concerns/questions directly to local police, and to hear about the latest trends, is Tuesday night (February 19th) at the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council’s meeting, also including guests discussion Seattle Parks security/safety and the SPD Victim Assistance Program. 7 pm at the precinct (Delridge/Webster), all welcome.

5 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Car-theft, car-prowl reports"

  • Nemobeansmom February 18, 2013 (8:57 am)

    It just irks me when “I was going to say people” but when arseholes rip people off!
    We work hard for our money and our possessions to have these jerks just take it from us like this! :>(

  • Chris February 18, 2013 (10:42 am)

    Sorry to hear all about the car thefts. I feel your pain. I had mine stolen twice in the last 18 months and then got a club for the steering wheel. I can’t recommend them enough. I feel pretty sure that’swhy they haven’t stolen my 94 Acura yet agin. Well worth the money and minor hassle putting it on every night.

  • Greg February 18, 2013 (3:14 pm)

    Encountered three young men in the alley between Dawson and Hudson half a block east of California. Two had backpacks. They appeared to be sharing some kind of dope and I had to step aside to let them go by. Apparently they were making the point that they would walk wherever they wanted and I was to make way for them. They hung out for awhile in the parking garage just north of Dawson, then walked back south. Happened about 2 pm, today.

  • wetone February 18, 2013 (5:01 pm)

    Things seem to be getting worse in the hood compared to the old days here in West Seattle, don’t really care about what the police say or anyone else. Lets see here, in a two day period between Alaska and Hudson St on 50th two block area(just west of the junction) one house broken into, cars gone through and one stolen. Not bad for a weekend. If SPD Chief Diaz and Assistant Chief Paul McDonagh focused and spent time and money on these type of crimes instead of drones and cameras we might not have so many issues like this and Seattle would be a better place. These people when caught need to locked up and not released the same day or next.

  • West Seattle Hipster February 18, 2013 (5:13 pm)

    Diaz is a lame duck chief and will be replaced after a new mayor is elected. He wasn’t qualified for the position and it shows.

    Meanwhile, the mayor of our city spends time and tax dollars on furthering the special interest groups who got him elected.

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