West Seattle Crime Watch: Building break-in; car back; more

Two reader reports from one Avalon Way condo-building break-in top this round of West Seattle Crime Watch. First one came from Blair, whose building is in the 3200 block:

The intruder broke into the lower parking garage and stole things from a few storage units, including mine. There was a white specialized woman’s bike and a bunch of tools including a Bosch Saw. They broke out a piece in the garage door to get in and broke the locks off our units. The case # is 2013-54488.

Later we heard from H:

We had a break-in last Friday night (2/15/13) that I’d like to let you guys know about. It happened at about 10:50 pm and he was captured pretty clearly on our building’s security cameras. A single male dressed in baggy cargo pants and a camo-colored parka removed a metal grating panel in the door of one of our building’s two garages. He was able to climb through and spent quite a while in the garage, breaking in to several storage units, making off with a bicycle, tools, clothes, and other random stuff. He wasn’t able to get into the second garage or into any other parts of the building. The amazing thing is that at least three residents came into the garage while he was in there, but nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary. It’s a good reminder for those who live in multi-unit buildings to stay alert and know who your neighbors are. And don’t leave valuable stuff in your car, even if you’re in a secured garage! Police were contacted.

Jamie reports a package theft:

We’re missing a package – UPS has it listed as delivered and someone with the initials “MO” signed for it around 11:30 today. We weren’t home during that time. Unfortunately (neither) my initials, nor my husband’s are MO, and the neighbors didn’t sign for it. Ironically, our mail in our mailbox was left untouched. I’m in Highland Park near 14th and Trenton – please give the neighborhood notice.

And on a positive note – Jeff‘s stolen Subaru is back:

I’m happy to report our car has been recovered. It was found up on Capitol Hill by the Seattle Police. Other than a dead battery and a scattered glove box, it appears to be OK. Many thanks to the SPD, they were very helpful.

P.S. We’ll report later today on Tuesday night’s Crime Prevention Council meeting, which included an update on a recent burglary arrest of even more value than it seemed of the time, plus new crimefighting technology.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Building break-in; car back; more"

  • Jamie February 20, 2013 (1:08 pm)

    Just a quick update about the stolen package. We had checked with our immediate neighbors, but it appears an acquaintance a few blocks away signed for it. My wonderful neighbors noticed a package on my porch today and picked it up for us.

    Faith in humanity = restored. Thanks HP!!

  • Mary February 20, 2013 (4:54 pm)

    Car broken into and shattered window early Wed AM near Avalon Way break-in, in the 3300 block on 30th Ave SW up from Harbor Ave.

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