Looking ahead to spring: West Seattle Baseball registration time

Just a few weeks into winter, here’s another chance to look ahead to spring – West Seattle Baseball has begun registration for the Spring 2013 PONY Baseball season. Here’s the announcement from Fritz Araya:

West Seattle Baseball, longtime youth-sports organization in West Seattle created from the merger of West Seattle Pee Wee and Southwest Pony Baseball, announces the opening of priority registration for youth baseball for the 2013 season. The following divisions are open for registration.

Shetland (ages 5-6)
Pinto (ages 7-8)
Mustang (ages 9-10)
Bronco (ages 11-12)
Pony (ages 13-14)

The announcement continues ahead:

Registration is available online at the West Seattle Baseball site: westseattlebaseball.com.

Early registration saves you money. West Seattle Baseball does not draft players until Bronco division for ages 11 and up. Everybody 10 and under has a good chance of playing with their friends. The earlier you register the better that chance.

West Seattle Baseball is a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to teaching kids the game of baseball and giving them opportunities to get out on the diamond.

In addition to regular season play, all kids ages 7 and older participate in post-season tournaments.

Those kids wanting to continue playing have opportunities to play baseball well into the summer in programs such as All Star programs for ages 8-12 years old as well as summer recreation programs including the West Seattle Crush and Summer Nights at the Pee Wee fields.

West Seattle Baseball hosts several summer all-star tournaments in West Seattle featuring some of the top teams in Western Washington.

West Seattle Baseball welcomes players of all experience levels. West Seattle Baseball is proudly affiliated with the national PONY Baseball organization. Our goals include teaching the fundamentals of baseball and good sportsmanship while building a sense of community among players and their families.

Practices begin in March, and the West Seattle Baseball regular season runs from the beginning of April to early June.

9 Replies to "Looking ahead to spring: West Seattle Baseball registration time"

  • PTown January 5, 2013 (4:56 pm)

    Wondering how I find out about volunteering for the organization? Any suggestions?

  • los arayas January 5, 2013 (8:30 pm)

    Please contact any board member via the website. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer before and during the season. Umpiring, coaching, groundskeeping and field maintenance and fundraising are a few areas that could benefit from volunteers from our community.

  • SWLL Mom January 6, 2013 (3:55 am)

    West Seattle Baseball/Pony is not Little League Affliated.

  • WSB January 6, 2013 (4:28 am)

    The story does not say nor suggest that it is. We in fact announced West Seattle Little League registration separately, recently, as we have done for several years with any major local youth-sports organization that has requested an announcement of its registration season … TR

  • wsea January 6, 2013 (7:40 am)

    We did the baseball thing (west seattle little league, not west seattle baseball) and had a favorable experience. The kids had some fun but they were under 8 so it was “mostly” non-completive. We are debating on playing again but I do see a slightly negative involvement with the parents and coaches (not all mind you) which gets worse as you advance. We saw coaches pitching to kids in tee-ball on the first game. Some coaches yelling at kids and showing disappointment with kids in coach pitch. I know all sports have competitive parents but you will find a lot more in baseball. I hear West Seattle Baseball is even more competitive since all the high school/college baseball playing parents (listing their kids baseball accolades) say to go to this league. Just my opinion but I bet baseball could have higher enrollment success if they made the game less serious at younger age groups.

  • SWLL Mom January 6, 2013 (9:50 am)

    I understand. I just know from past experience that people think that West Seattle baseball is the little league organization for this area that’s all.

  • Mike January 6, 2013 (5:24 pm)

    Are all the games in West Seattle or do they have to get to fields around the city? Also, are games usually on weekends, weekdays etc?

  • WS Mom January 7, 2013 (3:09 am)

    We did WSLL last year but are thinking about trying WS Baseball or the Y this year instead. Can anyone tell me about their experiences? How does WS Baseball compare to WS Little League and the Y? I know the differences in regulations etc but I’m interested in whether it’s a fun atmosphere for the kids. My son’s coach was too tough last year, and we found WSLL to be disorganized.

  • WS Baseball President January 14, 2013 (8:47 am)

    To answer a few of the questions posted:
    Games in West Seattle Baseball are both on weekdays and weekends, except for the Shetland (t-ball) division which plays on Saturdays. Games do not conflict with spring soccer. All 10 and under games are played in West Seattle at the Pee Wee Fields next to Riverview. Most Bronco (11-12 year old) games are played in West Seattle at the Riverview Fields or Lincoln Park with an occasional game on Vashon Island or at the Arboretum.

    Our goal as a league is to keep it fun and prepare the kids to play at the next level. We also offer summer baseball options for kids who do not want to play all stars or who didn’t make all stars.

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