Development notes: Smart Growth Seattle group launches; 33-lot Puget Park-area site for sale

As noted last week in coverage of a neighborhood’s concern about a one-home lot potentially soon to be divided so it can house three, single-family-home development is an increasingly hot topic these days. Two notes today:

NEW ADVOCACY GROUP: After the aforementioned story last week , a reader e-mailed us to point out this Publicola story about a new group called Smart Growth Seattle. Its primary sponsor is the housing-funding group co-founded by West Seattle-residing developer Dan Duffus, Blueprint Capital, whose members include the two companies involved with the project in last week’s report. Today, Smart Growth Seattle officially announced its launch, with this news release. The group seeks to change the city rules regarding development in single-family neighborhoods, including a change in minimum lot sizes – relative to the existing lot sizes in any given neighborhood – as outlined on this page of its website.

33-HOME CONSTRUCTION SITE FOR SALE: Back in 2009, we reported on a proposed subdivision east of Puget Park at 4741 15th SW (map) and an appeal of a city ruling regarding the site,. The site hasn’t been built on, but the land-use permit for a 33-home development was issued in 2010. Today, a reader forwarded this a marketing e-mail she had received, announcing that the site’s up for sale, asking $1,848,000. “Why start from scratch? We’ve already done the work,” declares the e-mail, noting that the price breaks down to $56,000 per lot.

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  • fa January 16, 2013 (6:29 pm)

    that area

  • Del Martini January 20, 2013 (12:03 pm)

    Just read Smart Growth Seattle’s press release. I can’t help but laugh about the degree to which Duffus and his ilk will go to try and feather their own beds by wanting to get their hooks into the money machine of building pricey homes for the few instead of housing that serves the many.
    There already is a means by which appropriate, additional housing can be placed in Single Family neighborhoods without creating the mess that Doofuses of Seattle continue to create. It is called a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit:
    DADU’s are approved for being built in nearly every Single Family zone in Seattle as long as a certain lot size minimum is met as well as some other restrictions. Unlike the ridiculous lot-line adjustments, flag-lots and other schemes that Duffus and company pursue in order to build daunting, expensive homes, the size and scale of DADU’s is restricted so as to keep the impacts on the adjoining neighborhoods to a minimum in terms of light blockage or imposing size.
    DADU’s are a way to increase density in Single Family neighborhoods, provide an rental income stream to the homeowner, and provide quality housing to those who want to rent a small space but don’t want to live in an expensive new massive apartment building.

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