West Seattle Crime Watch: Ukulele-attack suspect on cam; mail theft; motor-home watch

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes this afternoon, starting with a photo to take a good look at:

Seattle Police have just gone public with surveillance-camera images of the now-notorious ukulele-armed shoplifter who attacked a Delridge convenience-store owner. The attack happened the night of Tuesday, November 27th. Police are still looking for the attacker. Know who he is? Call police at 206-684-5540.

Also in West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon: An anonymous resident’s mail-theft alert and a mystery motorhome on the move, both ahead:

Mail theft first:

I noticed yesterday that our mailbox was wide-open on 26th Ave SW (near SW Juneau) with no contents. This morning my partner found loose mail srtrewn in the city light open space at the corner of 26th & Juneau (under the big tree). We’ll put the mail in the mail recipients mail-box this morning. Guess it’s time to buy a locked box.

And the Puget Ridge and North Delridge neighborhoods are keeping tabs on one of those roving motorhomes – a photo circulating on one e-mail list shows it with a tarp on top – residents say people linked to the motor home are suspected in multiple thefts:

Just a heads up that the motorhome couple was casing the hood this AM on 21st between Genesee/Andover about 9:30. He’s in a plaid shirt on a bike with a big mesh baby trailer attached (no baby), and she’s in a long white coat. Both had big Elmer Fudd hats on. They split up when they saw me drive by a second time. I’ve seen the motor home going down Dawson Street twice now in the evening, so I think they might be in Puget Ridge somewhere … Watch out for any packages being delivered to your house–they’re an easy target

9 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Ukulele-attack suspect on cam; mail theft; motor-home watch"

  • G December 7, 2012 (3:57 pm)

    Stealing Xmas gifts? What scum.

  • A December 7, 2012 (4:19 pm)

    What about the motorhome parked on Trenton across from the post office and half covered with a tarp?? I see it every time I go to Westwood shopping center. I meant to stop and take a pic of the license plate today to report it but forgot.

  • sbre December 7, 2012 (4:35 pm)

    Regarding the bike w/trailer; For the past couple of weeks there has a set-up matching this description that is chained to a really beat-up, ratty looking motor home parked on the dead-end of the 3700 block of SW Marginal Place, directly underneath the WS Bridge (just north of Global Diving).

    The bike is a darker color, brown I think. I’ve never seen the person/people.

    I see it every morning (6:15ish) and most evenings (5-5:30ish) while bike commuting to/from work.

  • Del Martini December 7, 2012 (8:31 pm)

    @ sbre – Thank you for that info. Will follow up.


    @ A – The Trenton rv is a different rv than the one roaming around North Delridge and Puget Ridge. Please do report and continue to monitor the Trenton rv.

  • Del Martini December 7, 2012 (8:40 pm)

    The convenience store that was robbed was one of two at Orchard and Delridge Way but does anyone know which one?
    I remember when Yongsu “Rocky” Kim was killed at the one on the East side of Delridge Way. Back then it was a Texaco. Rocky’s Texaco. It was a real bummer.


    • WSB December 7, 2012 (10:25 pm)

      Del, we did not get word of the incident when it was happening so I don’t have firsthand knowledge but based on the original SPD Blotter report, which cites November 27 (not the 28th as in this followup, so I’ll fix that), at that time of night, there was an aid call (nothing big, so that didn’t catch our eye either) to 7132 Delridge, which cross-referencing via Google identifies as the Shell on the northeast side of the intersection. – TR

  • marty December 7, 2012 (11:11 pm)

    There are presently four older motor homes parked on Harbor Avenue/Alki Avenue. Parking control ignores them as they drive by every day and refuses to respond to complaints.

  • Del Martini December 8, 2012 (8:22 am)

    @ marty – It is a fine line for me to walk between those that are living in an rv, and trying to survive vs. those like the ones featured in this article that are clearly prone to crime. I try to observe and deal with each rv situation in my neighborhood individually.

    I do not frequent Alki Ave or Harbor Ave, but if I did, I would be trying to ascertain what is actually going on with the inhabitants. Are they are are they not sketch.

    FWIW, the city code does not allow motorhomes, semi-trucks, etc., over a certain width to be parked in Residentially zoned areas from 12midnight to I think 5 or 6am. However, these larger rigs are allowed to be parked at all hours in Industrial or Manufacturing zoned areas. I think many parts of Harbor Ave are zoned as such. This may be a factor as to why Parking Enforcement is not taking action. I would call your SPD Community Police Team Officer to get clarification. You can look her or him up on the SPD website. Thanks.

  • kayo December 8, 2012 (8:53 am)

    That motorhome was parked on 26th by Delridge playfield for a week or two until a neighbor figured out they had items stolen from his yard and confronted them. We had a lawnmower stolen from our yard on 26th in the same time frame although I have no idea if these are the responsible people. At any rate, definitely keep your stuff locked up if you can and keep an eye out for this RV. Frustrating that there doesn’t seem to be much we can do other than keep an eye out and call cops if we see something suspicious. The neighborhood is on high alert for these people now at least.

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