West Seattle candlelight vigil for Newtown: Saturday at Alki Statue of Liberty

Next Saturday at 5 pm, you are invited to gather at Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza for a candlelight vigil honoring the community of Newtown, Connecticut, as it grapples with last Friday’s massacre. The vigil has been organized by local entrepreneur Casey Ann Rasmussen, who created a flier for the event that says:

We have a responsibility to humanity not to forgot or pretend that the horror we have witnessed this last week hasn’t happened but rather to join hands, raise the collective consciousness and increase the worldly compassion toward peace and healing during this difficult time. Please join us for a non-political evening of love, remembrance and hope for a better future.

Sandy Hook School Support Fund
c/o Newtown Savings Bank
39 Main Street, Newtown CT 06470

Friends and Family of Violent Crime Victims
Husky Deli
Sugar Rush Baking Company

She adds, “Rain or shine; people should bring a light source as our supply will be limited.”

7 Replies to "West Seattle candlelight vigil for Newtown: Saturday at Alki Statue of Liberty"

  • Rves December 17, 2012 (4:48 pm)

    What a truly beautiful effort! Thank you.

  • charla December 17, 2012 (4:48 pm)

    What does “nonpolitical” mean in this context. I’m seriously bemused.

  • Jeff December 17, 2012 (8:12 pm)

    I assume it means that it isn’t the place to discuss NRA slogans OR gun control.

  • My2Cents December 18, 2012 (8:57 am)

    Don’t forget that Adam Lanza was a victim too. A victim of a society where no one wants to take responsibility for the mental and emotional programing that feeds the minds and hearts of our population. Particularly youth.

    Adam’s mind was trained and conditioned because it was allowed in his seclusion, sheltered by denial or blind ignorance.His consciousness fed on a regular diet of violent ideas, values, images and practice through game playing.

    Remember this story? On Mar. 11, 2012

    A US soldier has shot dead 16 Afghan civilians, nine of them children, in a night-time shooting spree in a village outside his base in southern Afghanistan-

    Why did Staff Sgt. Robert Bales kill all those poor innocent children, women and others?

    “The individuals responsible for mass murders similar to this in the United States… have often given off strong signals of serious mental illness to friends, parents, associates, etc. prior to the incident,” said Dr. Paul Newhouse

    We all had a part in those deaths and the ones that will follow. More massacres will occur because mental illness is an illness that claims many lives if left medically untreated. And sometimes we need the strong-arm of the law to help us get a sick person the necessary care, BEFORE the violence occurs again or the worst happens.

  • DBP December 18, 2012 (9:12 am)

    That makes sense: no slogans at a memorial vigil. However, if you do only one thing about this tragedy, I think it’s much better to put your effort into raising consciousness and working on solutions to gun violence, rather than just standing there with a candle, praying, or whatever.

  • G December 18, 2012 (9:23 am)

    I think non-political means just to mourn the loss of lives, just as we did after 9/11, rather than use it as a chance to vent one’s particular views.

  • BrassyMomma December 22, 2012 (12:34 am)

    A moment in silence, hopefully not overrun with political or religious commentary, together as a community who can do nothing 3,000 miles away except spend an unfettered minute or two or five honoring the lives of the dead is a thousands upon thousands years old tradition.

    So, let’s just do this and say nothing of what we think, but show what we feel – a silent heart and mind helping the passing of souls/energy/love/ what have you that left too soon into the next plane.

    No more baiting or questioning. Kids died a horrible death. Let’s all stop talking and be still.

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