Video: West Seattle HS, Chief Sealth IHS, Denny IMS bands march in downtown downpour

Loud and proud, the marching bands from West Seattle High School (including some Madison Middle School musicians, we’re told), Chief Sealth International High School, and Denny International Middle School were among a dozen-plus bands starring in this morning’s Macy’s Holiday Parade downtown. Though serious rain fell for all but a short time near the end of the parade, spirits were high, and so was the volume. Above, a Salty’s (WSB sponsor) nutcracker preceded the WSHS pass; below, Sealth/Denny musicians stopped for an extended stay near our spot on the route, and you’ll even see mascot Sammy the Seahawk with a flyby in our clip.

(added) Thanks to Bruno for sharing this photo- a guest conductor!

The parade ran about an hour, as usual – good crowd despite the rain. Bands come from miles around – at least one from Canada this year. Downtown tonight, it’s the tree/star lighting near Westlake Park – and here at home, West Seattle Lights start up tonight (sort of a “soft open,” with the ceremony and free concert tomorrow).

13 Replies to "Video: West Seattle HS, Chief Sealth IHS, Denny IMS bands march in downtown downpour"

  • LongTimer WS November 23, 2012 (11:15 am)

    You guys and gals are great. Good marching and music. Thanks WS Blog for always bringing the news to us. So thankful West Seattle is my home. You all rock!

  • candy98126 November 23, 2012 (2:25 pm)

    Living 1 block from Sealth/Denny I get the opportunity to hear and see them practice on my daily meanders.

  • KatherineL November 23, 2012 (2:40 pm)

    What’s that soaking going to do to all those instruments? Not to mention the kids.

  • Lisa November 23, 2012 (5:51 pm)

    Great time at the parade this morning, no big deal it was raining.

    @ Katherine – seriously you must be kidding, the kids and instruments alike both dry off.

  • nice! November 23, 2012 (6:28 pm)

    Wow you guys really are amazing. Like a big blanket that covers your WS flock. I’m pretty impressed you braved the rain and gave some shine to Sealth. Good work!

  • Anne November 23, 2012 (6:30 pm)

    The students were such troopers in that rain, way to go West Seattle and Madison music students!

  • Catherine November 23, 2012 (7:48 pm)

    Katherine- I marched in those parades with Sealth for years. My clarinet survived just fine (and still plays 11 years later) and I was always happy to be a part of them, regardless of the downpour! If anything, your instrument gets a bit cold and plays a bit flat. But that’s the worst of it, promise. Nobody joins marching band in Seattle expecting to stay warm and dry :)

  • Catherine November 23, 2012 (7:53 pm)

    Everyone looks and sounds great! Good job.

  • Lisa November 23, 2012 (8:14 pm)

    Madison was at the parade? We saw West Seattle High, Chief Sealth and Denny.

  • G November 23, 2012 (8:24 pm)

    Way to go kids. Wish you could have had some decent weather to march in, other than this incessant dismal rain.

  • DonaLuisa November 23, 2012 (11:38 pm)

    I think the Madison Middle School were blended in with WSHS’s marching band. I asked Mr. Thomas, the WS band director, about what harm the wet rain does to the instruments, too. He pretty much said what Catherine said above, concern is minimal and if any it is for the clarinets and instruments that are actually made of wood. There were marching bands from pretty far away — South Kitsap, Sequim and Canada. Very nice to see WS represented in today’s parade.

  • Catherine November 24, 2012 (10:03 am)

    @DonaLuisa- yep! I had two clarinets- one plastic for marching and one wood for concert. Most students start out with a plastic one anyways and get a wood one later on, if ever.

  • Mr. Bathum November 27, 2012 (10:42 am)

    Yes, select Madison students were playing as a part of the West Seattle High School band. Congratulations to all of the young musicians, and their families, that braved the rain to entertain the shoppers. I am so proud of all of you.

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