(Live view from the only WS Bridge camera currently in operation; see other cameras on the WSB Traffic page)
6:35 AM: Nothing to report as the day gets going – except that, as forecast, it’s in the 30s right now, 35 degrees at Boeing Field (usually comparable to West Seattle temps) at 6 am.

7:32 AM: Just went out to see if that meant ice on the windshield – and yes, there’s a light coat of ice on ours, so you might need the scraper today.

9:49 AM: There’s been a snag on the eastbound bridge for a while, with a semi blocking the right lane at the 99 overpass – but the city says it’s cleared.

12:09 PM: A note from Washington State Ferries:

There will be a temporary capacity reduction on the Fauntleroy/Vashon/Southworth route starting after this evening’s commute and prior to the beginning of service tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 10. The 90-car Sealth will replace the 124-car Issaquah for approximately one week while larger vessels are out of service for routine maintenance. The galley on the Sealth will be closed Friday, Nov. 9 and will re-open on Sat., Nov.10, at 7:00 a.m.

10 Replies to "TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Happy Friday!"

  • Glenn November 9, 2012 (7:28 am)

    Bus 57 eastbound a little slow on the bridge at 7:30 but not too bad.

  • TW November 9, 2012 (8:36 am)

    The arrival information board at the RR stop on WB Barton at 35th has consistently read “Refer to Schedule” since the debut of this system. Apparently Metro has thrown in the towel on this one because this morning it has now gone dark. Wasn’t this arrival information supposed to be one of the key benefits of Rapid Ride?

  • joey November 9, 2012 (8:55 am)

    I fully understand and agree with the need for the bus only lane eastbound WSB. What I don’t understand is the continuation of that bus lane after the 99 exit.

    By my (non scientific) calculations, 9 out of 10 busses exit @ 99 yet the continuation of the lane creates a “choke point” that defeats the entire purpose of the new 3-lane SSV.

    If the bus lane ended with the exit to 99 ALL traffic would move through that point and busses would not be negatively impacted.


  • Robert November 9, 2012 (9:30 am)

    My pipe dream is to replace that archaic 270 degree onramp with a fly-over ramp to NB 99. Maybe with some spare change from the 99 Tunnel construction?

  • Jennifer McIntosh November 9, 2012 (9:34 am)

    Right eastbound lane of West Seattle Bridge blocked by semi underneath 99. Left lane moves faster.

  • Here November 9, 2012 (9:38 am)

    I was looking at that arrival information board a couple days ago that said ***Refer to Schedule***’, and thinking Metro does have a sense of humor.

  • On the bus November 9, 2012 (10:22 am)

    So when will 3rd and Seneca Rapid Ride stop be converted to a Rapid Ride station? I see people taking a free ride to West Seattle every day because all you have to do is get on in the back and leave from the back. Granted that the past two days have been the only days during my commute that a transit authority person could have checked to see if people are paying, too crowded to move, much less scan a card.

  • celeste17 November 9, 2012 (10:51 am)

    Good thing i havemy west seattle blog ice scrapper!

  • LB November 9, 2012 (2:22 pm)

    The signs at the Rapid Ride stops along Fauntleroy have been updated to include routes 116/118/119.

    According to the WSF maintenance schedule, there will be more temporary capacity reductions next month (the 64 car M/V Salish is scheduled to replace the 87 car M/V Klahowya for a couple of weeks mid-December and for a week at the end of the month).

    The maintenance schedule can be found here:

  • SaraS November 9, 2012 (7:49 pm)

    Joey – completely agree. Then the I-5 South people could have their own lane, the Columbia City people (albeit small group coming from W Sea) can have the middle one, and the I-5 N cars go left.
    Although the REAL problem is all of NE traffic has to go in 1 lane, merging with another line of cars, and then merge onto I-5, switching with cars trying ot get into the I-90 E exit lane. It’s really a ridiculous plan. Wish they could figure out something better… everyone’s daily life would be improved!

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