Update: Police search for assault suspect wraps up

5:40 PM: Thanks for all the tips – we’re on our way to check out a police search in the 36th/Graham/Raymond vicinity. Police are looking for a suspect linked to a car in which, according to the scanner, a gun was found. More info as we get it.

5:45 PM: It’s a search for an assault suspect, according to Southwest Precinct Capt. Steve Paulsen, who confirms a gun has been found. Per the scanner, police have blocked off an extensive area for containment and a K-9 team is expected to be part of the search. Scanner traffic also indicates this is linked to an incident that happened yesterday.

6:11 PM: Police are reported to have a suspect in custody. (added) Capt. Paulsen says this is related to a road-rage case in which the suspect was reported to have pointed a gun at the victim.

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  • Tamsen Spengler November 7, 2012 (5:57 pm)

    Just walked down Morgan from 35th and cops are on 35th by the food bank also and must be 6 on the corner of Grahmn and 37th. Glad to get in the house. i’d avoid the area.

  • Cindertang November 7, 2012 (6:06 pm)

    Just drove thru there. I was thinking every cop in west Seattle is up there.

  • SillyGoose November 7, 2012 (6:15 pm)

    I have complete faith the suspect will be found! Check Cal-Mor tower haven for this type!

    • WSB November 7, 2012 (6:24 pm)

      SG – I don’t want to completely transcribe the scanner traffic pending confirmation of more details (which I may not be able to do till tomorrow) but basically, police believe the driver of the car they stopped is the actual suspect they were seeking, while the one they were searching for was the passenger and there’s no indication he was involved, so that’s why the search was scaling back/ending. – TR

  • ~~HockeyWitch~~ November 7, 2012 (6:24 pm)

    Lots and LOTS of police cars all over near Morgan and 35th. They came from all directions. Helicopter over High Point as well. Could hear the K9’s looking for someone to “Play with”. Sucks to be THAT person.

    Glad the weapon was found. Don’t need that just laying around for a kid or someone to find.

  • Lolaleah November 7, 2012 (6:32 pm)

    Hey all you WC haters… You have crime too!

  • CR November 12, 2012 (10:04 pm)

    Has SPD release any updates on this?

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