Opening tomorrow: TT’s Soul Kitchen in White Center

November 26, 2012 at 4:10 pm | In West Seattle news, White Center | 22 Comments

Some restaurant news on this quiet post-holiday-transition Monday: Walking along 16th SW in downtown White Center this morning, we noticed a sign up in the window of TT’s Soul Kitchen, at the former site of Pho Lynna (southeast corner of 16th and Roxbury): It’s scheduled to open tomorrow at 11 am, with live jazz for the first official lunch crowd from noon-2 pm. The proprietors are a White Center couple, Tony and Trina – they were out when we stopped by, but a staffer told us they’ll be open 11 am till 10 pm Tuesdays through Sundays (we’ll doublecheck as soon as we hear back from them). There’s an image of their menu on Facebook – with lunch and dinner items including sandwiches, burgers, gumbo, fried chicken and fish, and more.


  1. OMG I have been waiting for this to open since the sign went up!

    Comment by datamuse — 4:18 pm November 26, 2012 #

  2. Oh yum. Oh yum. Oh yum.

    Comment by Lola P — 4:20 pm November 26, 2012 #

  3. Wow! Yet another reason to spend my food dollars in White Center.

    I hope this business is a great success.

    Comment by Use Common Sense — 4:32 pm November 26, 2012 #

  4. Yes! White Center. Kinda like Georgetown!!

    Comment by DRW — 4:48 pm November 26, 2012 #

  5. Very excited. I guarantee this is going to be so much better than the Pho restaurant that occupied that space, which was the worst pho in town.

    Comment by Watchdog — 6:20 pm November 26, 2012 #

  6. Awesome!

    Comment by Amanda — 7:37 pm November 26, 2012 #

  7. The Sign and Menu look exciting!

    Comment by Matt — 8:18 pm November 26, 2012 #

  8. Looks good, can’t wait to try it!

    Comment by AJP — 8:51 pm November 26, 2012 #

  9. how does the lunch chicken and waffles work? extra $$$ if you want breasts or thighs or legs? kind of confusing as it says ‘no substitutions’ after that :)

    will check them out!

    Comment by steve — 9:03 pm November 26, 2012 #

  10. I’m excited too. However, not playing devils advocate here…But I did enjoy the Pho that was there, it is ‘kinda’ refreshing to have different pho because it’s sooo much based upon the bones/meat ingredients which a person uses or at least anyhow that is how I make mine with variety. It’s good to taste, smell and see something different besides pho in that little part of town!
    Anyhow, bless T&T, thrive baby thrive! Good real estate for the location! The menu does look exciting, not much chooses around here for an Italian/Cajun guy like myself.
    Thank you.

    Comment by Tony — 9:49 pm November 26, 2012 #

  11. Chicken and Waffles on both sides of the street now??? Hello, Early Death! :p

    Comment by WMF — 11:33 pm November 26, 2012 #

  12. Now why can’t something like this open in the West Seattle Junction instead of another pizza place. *sigh*

    Comment by Ray West — 5:49 am November 27, 2012 #

  13. to Ray West. if something like this opened in the west seattle junction, the prices would be at least, half again MORE than the prices on the sample menu. …and it would be geared toward the “trendy young people” with too much disposable income. it would have loud background music and low lighting so you can’t see the “new take” on a simple fried chicken plate.
    venture into white center, Ray. it’s not near as bad as it used to be. there are some nice AFFORDABLE family restaurants opening in WC.

    Comment by Mel — 11:01 am November 27, 2012 #

  14. Lots of good stuff happening in White Center … kind of like … White Center!

    Comment by BlairJ — 12:17 pm November 27, 2012 #

  15. Well said Mel, well said.

    Comment by T-Rex — 1:11 pm November 27, 2012 #

  16. WS is def lacking a soul food place. If only they served a good southern brunch with grits. What does one have to do to get grits served in WS?

    Comment by Myranda — 3:13 pm November 27, 2012 #

  17. Visited for the first time several nights ago, had the smothered chicken dinner w/dark meat and my partner had the smothered pork chop dinner “nekkid style” (without breading) … each with 2 sides.
    One word – FANTASTIC! Will definitely be back for another visit.

    Comment by Mc — 1:39 pm December 3, 2012 #

  18. Went there the first day the service was slow and chicken under cooked I decided to go back and it was a complete turn around I’ve since been there five times and they rock good job

    Comment by Adam — 2:34 pm December 3, 2012 #

  19. Went for lunch today and waited almost an hour. TT called out to the folks in front of us that the food would be 1/2 price due to the wait. That was not the case for anyone else. Food was nearly as terrible as the service. Won’t be back. Save yourself the time in waiting and dollars for a better option.

    Comment by Laura P — 2:43 pm December 4, 2012 #

  20. Laura – give them another chance. Have you ever opened a restaruant? It’s crazy getting it all together. Your comment is completely different than eeryone elses, so I would encoruage you to give them another chance. Sounds like you are just mad that you didn’t get half-price food.

    Comment by KAT — 5:05 pm December 7, 2012 #

  21. Great place

    Comment by LK — 10:12 pm December 7, 2012 #

  22. Service and the food was not good . T needs a lesson in what friendly service is. The lady in the front of the house needs the stop yelling to staff and the kitchen . Also clean those floors please.

    Comment by Lala — 10:16 pm December 7, 2012 #

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