Followup: New slide in place & in play at Myrtle Reservoir Park

November 8, 2012 at 2:10 pm | In Safety, West Seattle news, West Seattle parks | 6 Comments

Thanks to Amy for sharing the photo from the Myrtle Reservoir Park playground and this report:

Eleanore and Mimi (were the) first kids to use the new slide after they removed the yellow tape about 12:45 pm today.

Checking the WSB archives, we are reminded that the Myrtle slide was taken out nine months ago after a nationwide recall following at least 16 injuries involving that particular type of slide.


  1. This is good to hear. I’m not sure how the previous slide could even be called a slide.

    Comment by OP — 2:48 pm November 8, 2012 #

  2. i wished my kids were able to enjoy the slide…oh wait!! that’s right…at noon they are in school & i am at work.

    Comment by Working Mom — 7:17 pm November 8, 2012 #

  3. Working Mom, ummmm….is there a reason your kids can’t use the slide at a different time? Those kids seem to be a little young for school. Maybe preschool. And you do realize there are those of us who work alternate schedules like service industry, entertainment, law enforcement, and on and on and on.

    Comment by Working Dad — 8:12 pm November 8, 2012 #

  4. Wow, “working mom” should change her name to “angry mom”…………………..

    Comment by Harry Reems — 8:16 pm November 8, 2012 #

  5. Or “Bitter Mom”

    Everything isn’t black and white, ya know?

    Comment by John Holmes — 9:28 pm November 8, 2012 #

  6. It always brightens my day when I see cute snippets of west seattle pop up in between the development stories, bus stories, and octopus stories. this photo is a fun piece of the day!

    and working mom, did you ever stop to think that maybe other working moms work irregular hours, like, I don’t know, nights or weekends? jeez, please calm down

    Comment by sally — 6:56 am November 9, 2012 #

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