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October 22, 2012 at 6:58 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | 21 Comments

(Live view from the only WS Bridge camera currently in operation; see other cameras on the WSB Traffic page)
6:58 AM: Good morning! Starting a new week – and here’s today’s place for your traffic/transit (all modes, land or sea) updates, as well as anything we have to report, updated throughout the day. So far, nothing out of the ordinary.

8:11 AM: We’re watching all the usual sources, from Twitter to cameras, and still nothing unusual on the bridges/roads. One reminder: This is the last week before the West Seattle Water Taxi switches to its fall/winter 5-day-a-week, commute-times-only schedule NEXT Monday. Also, while we’ve had a few comments about bus capacity being OK in the early going, an 8:10 am rider has weighed in via Twitter with capacity concern – adding that to the comment thread.


  1. 116X packed and 3 stops to go. May leave some behind today. The vashon route needs a bigger bus. 7:30 am.

    Comment by Ixobbp — 7:33 am October 22, 2012 #

  2. 56x 7:20 am standing room only after California ave. smooth trip across bridge, but car traffic looked slow.

    Comment by Glenn — 7:34 am October 22, 2012 #

  3. C Line, no standies today at 0705 from Junction to DT. Just like the old days.

    Comment by timh2o — 7:53 am October 22, 2012 #

  4. Usual 120, usual full w/standing. Rough trip across the bridge, lots of lane crossers, though thankfully no sudden stops.

    Comment by jedifarfy — 7:56 am October 22, 2012 #

  5. 813 C line at Alaska and Fauntleroy was full to the brim. Waited for the next one which was 2 min behind.

    Comment by A — 8:15 am October 22, 2012 #

  6. I think this tweeter wrote about the same one – SRO:

    Comment by WSB — 8:16 am October 22, 2012 #

  7. There was a SUV broken down in left eastbound lane at around 7:20 – just after the crest – it must have gotten cleared pretty quickly otherwise I assume traffic would have been much worse.

    Comment by Robert — 8:50 am October 22, 2012 #

  8. Good news when something like that does NOT lead to major tie-ups! Thanks!

    Comment by WSB — 9:39 am October 22, 2012 #

  9. Got to Junction this morning at 8:30. Two C line buses were there but I was unable to catch either one before they left. I waited for 12 minutes before the next one came. It was already standing room only, people packed on like sardines. And what gives with the timer? It said 8 minutes, then a few minutes later it said 11 minutes. This happened all last week as well.

    Comment by Lynn — 10:49 am October 22, 2012 #

  10. There were two C Line buses together at 8:25 a.m., which seems to be happening frequently. Easy trip at that time of day. Wondering if some riders have shifted to 55 and 116. Is the “rechannelization” on Delridge making 120 any more pleasant?

    Comment by Mike Lindblom — 11:00 am October 22, 2012 #

  11. At 3rd & Bell at 1:43, a fairly full C RR came by, but I decided to wait for the 118X, which came at it’s scheduled 1:50. By the time we got to 3rd & Seneca, we pulled ahead of the C RR, even though we started 7 minutes behind it. Even at mid-day, buses were lined up two deep along 3rd Avenue. The 118x did it’s 1st Avenue route, and we even had to wait at Lander for a long freight train. Yet, when the 118x pulled into Morgan Junction at 2:30, it was actually ahead of that same C RR I had seen ahead of me downtown (I noted the coach number). We were pulling into the Morgan Junction stop as the C RR was getting ready to turn the corner behind us. Sure is nice to get to Morgan bypassing the Alaska Junction. I miss the 54X.

    Comment by iggy — 3:12 pm October 22, 2012 #

  12. I ride the bus at Alaska and Fauntleroy – I have been trying to figure out which buses I would be able to ride in the 715am- 735am time slots have the fewest travelers – but it seems all the buses that run during that time are packed – 116, 119 Rapid C -I rode 55 once – but can’t seem to catch it lately -I ran for it this morning – but the bus driver didn’t stop – even if he saw me a few feet behind . It’s been years since I had to stand on a bus – but every morning it’s s a challenge – The bus gets stuffy , humidity is high and can’t breath – I dread the morning commute – I think this new system is a disaster . Very frustrated customer.

    Comment by C Sheehan — 4:41 pm October 22, 2012 #

  13. 35 minute wait @ 2nd and Columia. One full C that didn’t stop, another full C, finally got on the 3rd full C at 5:35.

    Comment by Paul — 5:42 pm October 22, 2012 #

  14. The 5:48 # 57 never showed up. Took the 55. One bus Away is not working too well.

    Comment by MSW — 6:07 pm October 22, 2012 #

  15. Yet another dreadful afternoon commute from downtown. Waited 25 min for a C that was too full and passed us all. Ten min later saw a 55 for the first time in weeks. Utterly squished but mae it on. What is Metro doping about this mess?

    Comment by Eleven — 6:10 pm October 22, 2012 #

  16. My usual 120 showed up to 3rd and Pike 10 minutes late, and there were no seats leaving the stop. Every squished in as tight as possible and I think we got everyone on at 2nd and Seneca. I’m kinda amazed we could still move. I would have waiting if I hadn’t already waited longer and had no idea when the next would show up.

    Comment by jedifarfy — 7:22 pm October 22, 2012 #

  17. Horrible bus service tonight. The 6:19 #56 was a no show (in addition to the last #57 at 5:48). After waiting for a half hour, I gave up and took the RR-C to the Junction and waited for the #50 at 7:18. Over 90 minutes to get home.

    Comment by Admiral Janeway — 7:54 pm October 22, 2012 #

  18. Caught the 21X going to WS around 5:05pm at 3rd and Seneca–packed beyond the gills. At 2nd and Columbia, we had people standing in the back door stair well and we left some people behind.

    C Sheehan

    Forget about it. Metro took buses out of circulation at a time of day with great need, so finding a bus that isn’t packed will be next to impossible.

    Comment by East Coast Cynic — 7:54 pm October 22, 2012 #

  19. I’ve heard it said a couple of times that some bus drivers are making 6 figure incomes. That would be $100,000 or more, wouldn’t it? Could that be true?

    Comment by Loretta — 10:02 pm October 22, 2012 #

  20. I was also on the jam packed 55 that stopped at 2nd and Columbia around 5:40ish and I found the experience to be kinda harrowing. We were fully squished to the back door, and with minimal handrails near the back door, one man was actually grabbing the top of the door for support. All I could think of was how unsafe it seemed. Top it off with hot humidity, slippery floors, and a crying baby. Fun times.

    Comment by Ra-chan — 12:07 am October 23, 2012 #

  21. I also was on the 5:05 21X. Packed to the gills and we left some people at the stop at 2nd and Columbia. First of all I waited at the stop for over 15 minutes (so much for RR every 10 minutes) and then had to stand on a smashed bus. This was auful before, now that it’s raining and it’s like being in a sauna it’s even better. Thanks Metro.

    Comment by 47% — 7:57 am October 23, 2012 #

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