Why there’s a helicopter over White Center/Westwood

5:47 PM: We’re en route to check out a report of a crash in White Center, and that’s apparently what’s brought the chopper that we’re getting questions about. More shortly.

5:58 PM UPDATE: Our original text tip had said the crash was at the 5-corners intersection at 16th/100th – but we’re not finding anything, yet.

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  • jennifer September 27, 2012 (9:42 pm)

    It was right in front of the AutoZone where I know someone that works turns out a woman hit a child they thought to be about 4-5 years old. Paramedics took the young girl out on a back board to the hospital no news on how she is doing that I have heard

    • WSB September 27, 2012 (9:50 pm)

      Thanks, Jennifer, someone texted us something along those lines but it was afterhours so we couldn’t contact the Sheriff’s Office to ask them, and since everything was clear when we arrived on the ground, we had no way to confirm. I hope to check with KCSO tomorrow.

  • D-mom September 27, 2012 (9:54 pm)

    I definitely noticed the helicopter hovering today. So sorry to hear about the little girl. Thinking about her, her family and the driver.

  • Becky September 28, 2012 (12:05 am)

    I was walking home through the intersection just as the little girl was being lifted on the backboard. A pink scooter was lying in the road. Horrible to see. I hope and pray that she is doing OK tonight. The helecopter was right over our house once I got home but I can’t imagine that there was much to see at that point.

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