West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen mopeds, boats, shades…

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports – both involving stolen items, from mopeds to boats to a pair of sunglasses. Both are ahead:

First, from “Z”:

(Monday) night sometime an odd crime happened. I had 2 mopeds stolen from my back yard of my house near Dawson street off 35th ave. I just recently bought them (2 days ago). 1 was in running condition and 2 were parts bike that were in pretty rough shape. They left the good moped and took the 2 crappy ones’ they didn’t steal any thing else and there was other more valuable and easier to steal things. But here is the weird part, they left a light saber?!? My mopeds were missing and sitting on the ground was a light saber toy? The mopeds had seized-up wheels so they could not be rode or even rolled, they would have had to been carried. so someone young enough to play with Star Wars toys but strong enough to carry a non-functional moped came in my yard last night.

These are old Yamaha mopeds ( actually no-ped, they do not use pedals) Both yellow, I am thinking it was kids that stole them that probably realized they are junk. then ditched them. so if you see them or if your kids came home last night with a new moped, please let me know cause I really need them back!!!!

And from Lynne:

I have a couple of crime updates for the Arbor Heights area (in/near the alley between 40th/41st and 102nd/104th).

My car was prowled Sat night/Sun morning as it sat in the driveway behind my house, off the alley. Stolen items – about 75 cents and 2 pair of sunglasses. Gas tank door was pried open and gas cap loose, but no gas stolen. The crooks may have gotten scared off though since the passenger seat was laying flat (possible hiding place). My neighbor’s car may have been hit too since the gas cap was off, but I haven’t reached him yet to verify. Both cars were off the alley, about 5 houses apart.

Also in the same area, 2 boats have been abandoned. Both were stolen and motors taken before they were dumped. One showed up around Friday 8/17 in the alley and the other 2-3 weeks ago at the end of the alley. Both have been picked up by the police.


12 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen mopeds, boats, shades..."

  • Ted Diamond August 22, 2012 (9:06 am)

    @Z: Someone who uses a light saber and can levitate a moped. A Jedi knight, probably gone over to the Dark Side.

  • Wendell August 22, 2012 (9:36 am)

    If the mopeds didn’t roll, then I’m thinking a scrap dealer. The light sabre clue points to a Jawa (sorry, couldn’t resist).

  • Cranky Westie August 22, 2012 (9:37 am)

    When is the gol dang city going to do something about inoperable moped rustling Jedi? I blame Obama.

  • Michael Waldo August 22, 2012 (12:26 pm)

    Also from Arbor Heights: our neighbor had his truck broken into, right in his driveway, near the street. 37th and 107th.

  • Concerned August 22, 2012 (12:28 pm)

    You can blame Obama if you want….Why not?? Everyone else blames him for things that he has no control over or are not his fault. Why shouldnt you??

  • Paul August 22, 2012 (3:20 pm)

    Why is everyone blaming Obama? I still remember the good old days when everyone blamed Reagan.

  • D-Mom August 22, 2012 (9:47 pm)

    Z: Did you find any children’s Spiderman sunglasses along with the light saber? That was the odd item stolen from my car. Brand new from Legoland, but really? Stealing a child’s pair of sunglasses?

  • sydney August 23, 2012 (9:56 am)

    Wow… I blame Bush! BTW don’t ever let scrappers into your yard where they can see your aluminum ladder. That’s how ours disappeared!

  • Neighbor August 23, 2012 (12:26 pm)

    On Saturday, I found my car with a silver line spray painted from the tail light to the headlight. Luckily we caught it before it fully dried and we were able to remove the paint.

    The most painful part about it is that my Father passed away in May and this was his car. It was pretty brutal to see.

  • Cranky Westie August 23, 2012 (10:18 pm)

    For what it’s worth, I blame Obama for the following: My poor choices in breakfast cereals, Inferior quality in shoelaces, The loss of the Sovereignty of my Laundry room to coyotes (clearly a UN sponsored group of quadrapeds) and Inoperable moped rustling Jedi. I blame Bush for not mowing my lawn and for the mole under my arm with the strange hair growing on it. I blame Woodrow Wilson for my choice in shoes and women. Millard Filmore is responsible for food beginning with the letter “r”. Thank you.

  • Don August 24, 2012 (12:30 pm)

    Could the sellers of the moped parts be looking to sell them again. If they took something not workable?? Did they know that before they took it??

  • Heather August 24, 2012 (12:30 pm)

    @Lynne — You may have had your fuel line slashed. That is what happened to my car not that long ago.

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