Photos: USS John C. Stennis sails past West Seattle

August 27, 2012 at 3:06 pm | In Seen at sea, West Seattle news | 9 Comments

(Photos by Nick Adams for WSB, unless otherwise credited)
3:06 PM: We mentioned in today’s “West Seattle Monday” daily preview that the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) would leave Bremerton today for its next deployment. According to its Facebook page, the Stennis has just sailed, so it will be visible from West Seattle shores – particularly mid-Beach Drive to Alki Point – in a while.

4:31 PM UPDATE: Thanks to Linda for the tip that it had emerged rounding Bainbridge – the Stennis is now visible from West Seattle.

(Photo courtesy WSB reader Dave)
5:11 PM UPDATE: Thanks to Dave for the perspective from atop a building on California SW. We’re expecting a photo from the waterfront in a bit. The Kitsap Sun reports that the Stennis is headed to San Diego to pick up its air group, and then out to the Middle East for at least eight months.

6:04 PM UPDATE: WSB photojournalist Nick Adams was staked out as the Stennis sailed by; we’ve added four of his photos, including this one showing other vessels out as the carrier passed:


  1. Godspeed, Stennis. As I told my son on the last deployment… Here is to fair winds and calm seas, but if not, then be aware, because Pennington is a pretty good shot!

    Comment by Idaho Sailor Mom — 3:33 pm August 27, 2012 #

  2. Coming around thebainbridge corner now

    Comment by linda — 4:19 pm August 27, 2012 #

  3. thanks! We have a photographer staked out so for anybody interested but not able to keep an eye out, we’ll have a photo later – TR

    Comment by WSB — 4:28 pm August 27, 2012 #

  4. great view of it from Beach Drive

    Comment by girlonahandcycle — 4:33 pm August 27, 2012 #

  5. Great photos!

    Comment by RG — 6:29 pm August 27, 2012 #

  6. thanks for all the wonderful pictures–those of us moms who cannot be there to watch our sailors leave really appreciate these small glimpses!

    Comment by Binker's Mom — 6:43 am August 28, 2012 #

  7. Yes, thank you so much for the pictures. My daughter is on that ship for her 2nd deployment to the Persian Gulf. May our good and gracious God bless and protect them as they serve our country.

    Comment by Beth Schaus — 2:18 pm August 29, 2012 #

  8. Thanks so much for these pictures. As a mom who could not be there to see them leave it is a blessing. Having been there I can visualise the grand departure. Feeling great gratitude for those who deploy and those who stay at home in support. May they all be blessed.

    Comment by Bubba's Mom — 5:14 am August 30, 2012 #

  9. Thank you for the pictures- I agree with everyone’s comments. Although we were not able to see the carrier leave the pictures really help. God bless America and all of our sailors. I pray everyone comes back safely!

    Comment by Joan (Mike's Mom) — 10:02 pm September 13, 2012 #

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