Jenny’s Java Joint: New West Seattle coffee stand in Highland Park

August 19, 2012 at 9:18 pm | In Highland Park, West Seattle news, WS beverages | 12 Comments

If Highland Park had a “Junction,” it would be 16th/Holden, with commercial buildings on two corners and Fire Station 11 on a third. The southeast corner of that intersection once held an espresso stand and is about to get a new one – Jenny’s Java Joint. We talked today with Highland Park resident Jennifer Francisco (you can call her Jen OR Jenny), who plans to open JJJ as soon as September 1st, in the spot where JoJo’s Fine Espresso closed more than a year and a half ago, next to the Seamart convenience store. Details ahead!

Jen is a 14-year resident of West Seattle and a corporate recruiter who long dreamed of opening a coffee stand. “I’ve always wanted to do this … always.” So, she’s making the dream come true. She’s been working on Jenny’s Java Joint for more than half a year; her plans were just approved by the Health Department, she says, and now it’s time to schedule an inspection.

Her awning-equipped 8 x 10 cart – purchased from someone in Bellingham – will be set up on the southwest side of the 16th/Holden site that now holds the reopened Seamart (new ownership) and Athena’s. After months of research into beans, as well as carts and machines, Jen chose Zoka as the coffee, and is going through Zoka’s extensive barista training right now. She’ll have some basic scones and cookies for starters.

That may sound fairly par for the course, but she’s also going to use the Square payment system (which made a splash recently by teaming up with Starbucks), which will allow state-of-the-art tech touches such as e-mailing receipts if you don’t want them printed out at the cart.

Her hours will be 5 am-2 pm Mondays through Saturdays, 6 am-2 pm Sundays. And it won’t be a long commute, since her Highland Park home is less than a mile away.

While she works toward that hope of opening at the start of September, she’s getting set up online – website here, Facebook page here, and Twitter feed here.


  1. That corner has always cried out for a coffee shop – welcome Jenny. I’ll definitely see you sometime after you open – either on foot or by bike. Not all, but many of my favorite coffee shops use Zoka – great choice. There are a few others as good (Lighthouse, e.g.) but Zoka rocks.

    Comment by chas redmond — 9:34 pm August 19, 2012 #

  2. Yay! Welcome to HP!

    Comment by K — 9:36 pm August 19, 2012 #

  3. Cool, since my new job takes me this way it will be good to have an espresso place to stop bye on the way!

    Comment by rockergirl5678 — 10:02 pm August 19, 2012 #

  4. It is always good news to hear about a local entrepeneur starting a new business venture in the West Seattle/Highland Park neighborhood. Congratulations and good luck Jenny!!!

    Comment by Bill Reid — 10:30 pm August 19, 2012 #

  5. Looking forward to having you in the ‘hood. Will stop by for some chai often!

    Comment by Jody Rodgers — 11:25 pm August 19, 2012 #

  6. Thanks WSB!! Your posts will help tremendously in generating initial buzz and customers. I appreciate your help more than you know. :)

    Comment by Jen — 6:03 am August 20, 2012 #

  7. …..will help tremendously in generating initial buzz….


    Spoken like a true Javapreneur! ;-)



    Comment by miws — 8:16 am August 20, 2012 #

  8. So happy to hear about this!!! I live very close and will look forward to early morning coffee.. I hope that the issues with the housing right there doesnt cause and problems for you!! I do wish you the best!!!

    Comment by TP — 10:45 am August 20, 2012 #

  9. Very excited about this! Good luck Jen and see you soon for coffee!

    Comment by highland park — 12:27 pm August 20, 2012 #

  10. OOOO! I’m so happy that there is a new coffee place! I live right down the block and I have been waiting to see if one would reopen. I’m sure you will be a great addition to all the super friendly folks at Seamart & Athena’s. See ya soon, Jen! ;-}

    Comment by westsidemegan — 12:43 pm August 20, 2012 #

  11. Congratulations Jen! So glad you’ve made it happen – looking forward to coming down for some java!

    Comment by julie — 4:52 pm August 21, 2012 #

  12. Go Jen. I can tell your heart and soul is here. Passion! Wish I could stop and get a cup. Bill

    Comment by Bill Rothwell — 6:57 pm August 27, 2012 #

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