Followup: Pickup-truck fire blamed on spontaneous combustion; homeowners thank firefighters

(Video and photo by Christopher Boffoli for WSB)
New information today on the Genesee-area garage/pickup-truck fire last night covered by WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli (here’s our original story). We heard today from homeowner Kristiana Lockman, who says, “We lost both the truck and the garage, which will have to be torn down and replaced.” Her husband owns WEdesign (WSB sponsor); she says the fire is believed to have been caused by “the spontaneous combustion of rags (in the back of the truck) that were used to stain a client’s deck,” and we have confirmed that with Seattle Fire spokesperson Lt. Sue Stangl.

Kristiana adds, “We’re very relieved that we were home when it happened and that no one was hurt. And we’re immensely grateful to the two teams of firemen who responded quickly. They were efficient, kind and went out of their way to be helpful, even helping my husband board up the garage and the fence that was cut into before they left. … We’re grateful they do what they do so well.”

3 Replies to "Followup: Pickup-truck fire blamed on spontaneous combustion; homeowners thank firefighters"

  • BlingBling August 22, 2012 (3:47 pm)

    Our firefighters are AWESOME!

  • Jason August 22, 2012 (4:14 pm)

    I’m thinking the link to WEDesign’s website is incorrect…

  • EJ August 22, 2012 (4:15 pm)

    Our firefighters are so amazing! Last year my nephew had to take a little ride to the hospital in an ambulance & the firefighters who responded to the call helped my worried brother so much! They even locked the house up, turned off the coffee maker & turned on the front porch light for him as everyone was leaving in a rush. We are so lucky to have such compassionate & awesome firefighters looking after us!
    Glad to hear that response was so fast and that no one was hurt in this incident!

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