Clear sky, choppy seas for rowers’ Great Cross-Sound Race 2012

Last year, racing individually in The Great Cross-Sound Race round-trip from Alki, Evan Jacobs and Tyler Peterson placed third and sixth respectively; today, rowing together, they finished first. Their announced time of 59:03 was 9-plus minutes over the course record they set together in 2006, but today, wind and waves factored into Sound Rowers‘ annual race, which drew more than 30 participants:

They headed out to Blakely Rock, off Bainbridge Island, and back, starting just after 9 this morning. Don Kiesling was second to finish:

Finishing third, Christian Roth and Josh Proctor. Among the sights at sea before the rowers started crossing the finish line, the U.S. Coast Guard was even out keeping an eye on things:

On shore, Peterson and Jacobs (who also are past North American Open Water Rowing champions) had a welcoming party:

And then some help getting everything back on shore:

You can watch later for full race results on the Sound Rowers website.

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  • marcus ativalu August 26, 2012 (8:45 pm)

    can someone tell me why the coast guard around here is so crazy?
    was fishing and they pulled up at high speed in a very rude way
    the guy on the front had his m240 machine gun locked and loaded and pointed at my center mass.
    i told him to point that thing somewhere else and then the other 2 guys started screaming at me to shut up and now we are boarding!
    so yeah they find nothing illegal and shower me with attitude and then dissappear as fast as they showed up.
    very dissappointed by there lack of common respect and lack of profesionalism
    there is no need to come up to me with a belt fed machine gun trained on my body

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