From the ‘in case you wonder’ file: Lantern launch moved

July 21, 2012 at 9:56 pm | In West Seattle beaches, West Seattle news | 5 Comments

In this morning’s “West Seattle Saturday” preview, we mentioned the scheduled Alki launch of “sky lanterns” as a fundraiser for youth arts education. Seems the wind on Alki was not conducive to a mass lantern launch, and organizers announced via Twitter they were moving to the south end of Lincoln Park and planning to send up the lanterns around 10. So we’re mentioning it in case anyone in that area is taken by surprise.


  1. I really wish they wouldn’t launch these lanterns because the dangers aren’t fully appreciated. Depending on the winds these can be a major hazard to neighborhood homes as was demonstrated this evening when one of these landed on a neighbors roof after the (gentle) winds buffeted the lantern, causing it to sink & fall on a roof – whilst still on fire! thankfully someone scrambled up there quick enough & got to it before the roof caught on fire. Even when they pulled it off the roof the lantern was still burning.

    These things are basically unguided fire bombs that can catch houses/property on fire & should be illegal within the city. A couple cops were standing around at lincoln park but probably didn’t notice this incident.

    Comment by j — 10:03 pm July 21, 2012 #

  2. From continuing to watch Twitter, it appears they might have lit a couple and then given up again, fwiw … TR

    Comment by WSB — 10:24 pm July 21, 2012 #

  3. Sitting at Lincoln park now and haven’t seen any lanterns!

    Comment by Lauren — 10:34 pm July 21, 2012 #

  4. Has anyone considered that these lanterns become trash when they fall into the Sound? By daylight tomorrow, many will be far offshore. Floating balloons and lanterns may provide a moment’s thrill, but end up as a long-lasting pollution issue and harm wildlife.

    Comment by Robin — 12:00 am July 22, 2012 #

  5. I think these things are great. They are biodegradable and Eco friendly and are quieter than fireworks. Viva sky lanterns!

    Comment by Kyle — 7:29 am July 24, 2012 #

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