West Seattle Crime Watch: Search in North Delridge

May 5, 2012 at 2:42 pm | In Delridge, West Seattle news, West Seattle police | 8 Comments

2:42 PM: Via Facebook and Twitter, we’ve been told of a police search in North Delridge. People in the area say they were told police are looking for a man who might be armed. They’ve blocked off SW Brandon in the vicinity of 26th SW on the boundary of Camp Long, and tow crews are there, reportedly because of a stolen car. We’re working to find out more. No report of any injury related to this so far.

2:55 PM UPDATE: Per the scanner, police are reopening SW Brandon.

3:30 PM UPDATE: A little more information from police – a car went into a ditch; a man and woman were heard yelling, and she apparently said he had a gun, then somebody reported hearing what sounded like a shot. A K-9 team was brought in to look for the man (no word at this point about the woman who was yelling) but couldn’t find him.

7:34 PM UPDATE: Lt. Alan Williams from the Southwest Precinct has a full summary of the incident tonight: “An adult male assaulted his 17 yr old girlfriend in an automobile, during which time he drove recklessly and crashed into the woods south of the West Seattle Golf course.  The suspect fired a shot at the victim and then fled into the woods.  The car sustained a bullet hole through the passenger door outward, but the victim was not hit.  A large wooded area between the West Seattle Golf course and High Point was contained and 2 K-9 units tracked/searched the wooded area for an extended period of time without locating the suspect.”

(SPD Blotter featured this case a few hours after we published that update.)


  1. did they catch the dude?

    Comment by Jerry Hoffmeister — 3:23 pm May 5, 2012 #

  2. Nope.

    Comment by WSB — 3:42 pm May 5, 2012 #

  3. Is there a description of this man?

    Comment by Tired Mama — 5:19 pm May 5, 2012 #

  4. Not that I have, sorry, or I would have included it … TR

    Comment by WSB — 6:41 pm May 5, 2012 #

  5. young white male wearing blue jeans, jacket, shoes and a white t-shirt. Brown hair and facial hair.

    Comment by Jerry Hoffmeister — 7:08 pm May 5, 2012 #

  6. Ah, nice to hear “real” men are alive at kicking in WS. Good god, when are these POSs going to evaporate?

    Comment by WTF — 8:01 pm May 5, 2012 #

  7. This guy needs to be caught soon, that’s attempted murder. What age is he? I hope this girl is wise enough to stay away from him,next time he won’t miss.

    Comment by M — 9:01 pm May 5, 2012 #

  8. When they find this mutant i sincerely hope they DESTROY him. foget hitting this low-life, waste of air sucking monster with the books- (because God knows, either they e.i.; wont find him/she will not testify agaisnt him, he’ll take plea bargain and up with 6 months probation ect. ,ect.). I believe a couple women should turn around holding sk’s and ar15′s and he should run while crying like the lil baby, woman beater he is.

    Comment by Belva Miller — 11:55 pm May 5, 2012 #

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