West Seattle Crime Watch: Motorcycle stolen, bicycle left behind

Be on the lookout for that red ’98 Superhawk motorcycle (photo added 12:20 pm) with an ‘I taught the Stig” sticker on its windshield, like this one:

Debbie reports the motorcycle was stolen very early this morning from the 7700 block of 18th SW – and this bicycle was left where the motorcycle had been:

If you’ve seen the motorcycle or know who the bicycle belongs to, please notify police.

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  • westcoastdeb May 11, 2012 (10:16 am)

    Link to a pic of the motorcycle:


    • WSB May 11, 2012 (10:18 am)

      Is that the actual motorcycle? Would rather use that than the sticker but I only got the sticker … and the bike. Let me know (or e-mail me if you’re the person who e-mailed me) …

  • CJP May 11, 2012 (10:23 am)

    That’s terrible!

    I came out this morning to see the cover on my motorcycle had been lifted up. I was worried someone was hunting for easy thefts, and it must be true. Damn thieves!

    I’m a block north of there on 17th. They must be all over our neighborhood. :(

    Sorry to hear about the hawk.

    Anyone know if it had a disk-lock on it or anything??

  • DF May 11, 2012 (10:25 am)

    Start pedaling buddy : ) . Sorry about the motorcycle.

  • Philip May 11, 2012 (10:25 am)

    And yes that is the actual sticker same wording and everything as it is or was on the front wind screen that is a smokey color… And that is a current pic of my motorcycle..

    Thank you

  • onceachef May 11, 2012 (10:31 am)

    I think it was a magic fairy that turned the motorcycle into a bicycle…the green alternative :)

    Sorry your motorcycle was stolen actually!

  • westcoastdeb May 11, 2012 (10:36 am)

    No disc lock on the bike. Thought we were safe.

  • CJP May 11, 2012 (10:38 am)


    Edit- Thanks for letting me know, debbie. I’ve thought our were safe too… one of the risks of being in a safe-ish neighborhood, but right next to not-so-safe ones. People look at us as a shopping mall. :(

    I’ve just been reading this thread on reddit from a former bike thief…


    very interesting stuff. Gives some suggestions for deterrents, but also makes it clear that a determined enough thief is going to get what they want if they try hard enough. For those of us without garages, it’s frustrating.

    I was planning on getting disc locks for our bikes anyway, and now after seeing that they scoped my bike this morning too, I’ve already ordered them. Can’t get them soon enough. :(

    Sorry again about your hawk Phillip.

  • Philip May 11, 2012 (10:43 am)

    and That is weird… to the person on 17th…and no I didnt have a disc lock…. the ignition was locked and My window was open all night in the house. I am a light sleeper and would have woken to the sound of someone trying to load it up or doors closing. Also I wont start in the early morning with out the choke on. I do know that my bike is loud and you can hear it from 4 blocks away and if whomever stole it rolled it away and tried to start it I would have heard it as I am very paranoid about my bike… I have not upset anyone that I know and I take the bicycle as a major insult. Police took the bicycle as found property and are searching for prints. I appreciate all those on here that are keeping a eye out for it. I dont ride far, burien, white center, west seattle, alki. so I dont know where the person would have rode it to. Also was on reserves in the tank but that is easily changed to fill up the tank if they busted the filler cap as it is also a locking cap… =(

  • Philip May 11, 2012 (10:47 am)

    This is just a crappy day for me… I have over 5k just in rebuilding, painting, polishing the bike. I got it cause it is my dream bike and finally got it to how I wanted it… =(

  • WSratsinacage May 11, 2012 (10:47 am)

    Sorry this happened to you. It’s really sad what WS has become or atleast what we are more aware of now as far as crime goes. If someone left me a bike in place of my vehicle, I don’t know whether I would laugh or cry.

  • westcoastdeb May 11, 2012 (11:28 am)

    Wait. Gas stations tend to have video, at least somewhere. I dont know about the station near Home Depot, but there arent many within 5 miles of where it was taken from. I dont know if the cops will check into that, nor do I know that it will help the bike be found, but it’s a start. Reserves would get you how far?

  • Philip May 11, 2012 (11:29 am)

    considering it was my dream bike… i cried… Im man enough to say it… Found out from cops that the bicycle wont be printed for at least a week… i could do it sooner then that.. hell let me print it…. CJP… Glad to hear your locks have been ordered… It is known in the biker community that it is always a sad thing to here about having ones bike stolen regardless if you ride a cruiser, sport bike or whatever… Just sucks… I know a few guys that have bikes between our houses and the other guy has his green Kawi parked out front… I will walk over later this evening to the guys in the neighbor hood and forewarn them that there is a motorcycle prowler in out neighborhood.. i would hate to hear someone else had their bike stolen…


  • JN May 11, 2012 (11:32 am)

    This totally sucks. I’ve had stuff stolen off my bicycle before and it blows, but this is a totally different level. I really hope you get it back, undamaged. :(

  • james May 11, 2012 (11:35 am)

    People who steal motorcycles are lower than low.

    They used to hang horse thieves, didn’t they?

  • Philip May 11, 2012 (11:39 am)

    I hope I get it too… i would never say this about a rider but i hope he lays it down.. at least I could fix the bike then… My biggest fear is the cops find it and it is stripped… or totaled… i guess this is what I get for not having insurance since this state doesnt require it on motorcycles, since they think if you crash your dead anyways…

  • Philip May 11, 2012 (12:23 pm)

    reserves will get you about 10-15 miles depending on how hard you ride… if you ride easy then about 15-20… so i dont know… just hope they find the bike in one piece…. What I do know is the cop put in her statement to have a performance charger or heli to track it down if they see it due to the fact i told her I know my bike will outrun a crown vic police cruiser in a heart beat… she looked at me and said that was a bad thing for me to be running from the po pos but that she would put it in her report…. Main thing is that I get it back regardless if it is whole or not.. an they get prints… hopefully they do cause someones getting a beat down not just for stealing my bike but because they stole a 100% custom Superhawk….

  • dbsea May 11, 2012 (1:12 pm)

    I’m waiting for the story about the red car that has been stolen. But hey, they left behind this snazzy red motorcycle. Hmm

  • westcoastdeb May 11, 2012 (1:57 pm)

    DB – it wouldn’t shock me!

  • Wetone May 11, 2012 (3:19 pm)

    It it to bad the police don’t ever take finger prints any more. I bet they would catch better than 75% of the thieves and burglars in this area as most have prior history with the law.

    • WSB May 11, 2012 (3:40 pm)

      they do take fingerprints. We have also had anecdotes and reader reports here about police checking burglary scenes for prints etc. Not knowing the specifics of why the officer said what she/he said, can’t speculate on this one, but I do know that a statement “they don’t take prints any more” is erroneous – TR

  • westcoastdeb May 11, 2012 (3:51 pm)

    They said it would take 2 weeks for the bike in question to be fingerprinted – we can only hope its sooner than that.

  • Sheila May 11, 2012 (5:44 pm)

    How sad, Phil. We live a few houses down from you and had car stolen past summer – it leaves you feeling pretty unsafe. Makes me think we should have a block watch????

  • philip May 11, 2012 (5:54 pm)

    I agree, i think a block watch is in order… either that or more of the crime watch signs that are posted around the neighborhood… even tho they get ignored… Just sucks that my bike wasnt the only one that was scoped…

  • sun*e May 12, 2012 (12:02 am)


  • 18thAveRider May 12, 2012 (3:52 pm)

    I live up the block and ride, and I’ll be keeping an eye out. I’ll miss hearing the sound of those pipes until you get your bike back.

  • Wetone May 13, 2012 (10:29 am)

    they do take fingerprints. We have also had anecdotes and reader reports here about police checking burglary scenes for prints etc. Not knowing the specifics of why the officer said what she/he said, can’t speculate on this one, but I do know that a statement “they don’t take prints any more” is erroneous – TR WSB (quote )

    I don’t know who you been talking to. Go talk to people that have had their house burglarized and you will find out the truth. Only in very special cases do they take finger prints now. The officer that shows up will tell you they don’t have the resources. I for one had my home broken into a few years ago and had several firearms taken and much more. Even then no finger prints taken. Just telling how it is in the real world.

  • elmgrove May 13, 2012 (5:34 pm)

    Met the owner Phil today – this couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. =( Like I said, I have my eyes peeled, so hoping your bike is recovered. Let’s get you back on 2 wheels and go for a ride!!

  • philip May 14, 2012 (7:36 am)

    i appreciate it 18THaveRider.. Its nice to know that I wasnt pissing ppl off with those pipe and I will miss the sound as well…

    Elmgrove.. It was nice meeting you too… I see your bike ride by all the time and I appreciate you beeing on the look out as well….

    Also another thanks to those that are staying positive with me and continuing to be on the look out for my bike…


  • westcoastdeb May 14, 2012 (11:54 am)

    I’ve got to say, the best thing that has come out of this (since we haven’t gotten the bike back yet..if ever) is meeting our neighbors. The worst? Looking suspiciously at people in a neighborhood that I trust.

  • DollarTreeNut May 16, 2012 (1:07 am)

    What a cruel attempt at, “mocking”? so to speak? I wonder if they planned it out like that, or happened to be riding a red bicycle around when they came across yours.. Regardless, im very sorry to hear about your loss, i hope everything works out and the criminals are put to justice!!

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