West Seattle weekend scene: Neighborhood’s pre-holiday giving

Generosity abounds all over! Today we met these folks, who live along 45th SW between Edmunds and Erskine, just west of the south end of The Junction, after finding out that they have a tradition of cleaning up the neighborhood this time of year. Marilyn Wolf explained, “Whomever is available comes out and sweeps up the leaves on the whole block. The city donates the bags and some supplies and come and pick up all the bags for free when we are done. We also check all the drains in a 4-block radius and make sure they are cleaned by the city to cut down on run off. This is part of the city’s fall clean-up and adopt-a-drain program.” And after those blasts of wind earlier this week – clearing the storm drain is a big help in any neighborhood. (You can find out more about Adopt-A-Drain here.)

4 Replies to "West Seattle weekend scene: Neighborhood's pre-holiday giving"

  • Lorelee November 19, 2011 (10:55 pm)

    Huh? Why the special city support? I know not everyone does this, but aren’t we all supposed to pick up our leaves as property owners? Why does this block get special city support- just cause they all do it on the same day?

  • metrognome November 20, 2011 (2:52 am)

    it’s a whole lot cheaper for the city to provide support for coordinated efforts like this than it is to deal with the aftermath of a plugged drain. The story also notes that the group checked drains in a 4 block radius. Looks like a good way to get to know your neighbors, teach kids about community responsibilities and get some exercise. Kudos to them!

  • DF November 20, 2011 (8:32 am)

    Its time I get out a little and make my rounds. It baffles me that a homeowner will spend so much time doing maintenance on a quarter to half million dollar house painting, landscaping and general upkeep yet the border of their lot is left untouched ALL YEAR LONG.
    Also stop outsourcing your landscaping needs and do it yourself as those above have, complete with proper disposal!!

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