West Seattle Crime Watch: Car theft, hit-run, break-in…

Four reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch this morning, from car thieves caught on video, to interrupted burglars – read on:

*Ky reports a car theft in the 9600 block of 46th SW (map), around 5:30 this morning. He says security cameras show the thieves, two men in dark clothing, arrived in a purplish-black older-model older-model Chevy Suburban with a roof rack. The car is a small, silver Audi A4 station wagon with roof rack crossbars and window stickers on the back side windows that say “Cascade Powder Cats.”

*Hit-run report from last night, from the victim, who didn’t want to be identified:

I live on 26th AVE SW and at 6:00 pm (Friday night) was pulling into my driveway when a car hit my car & took off. It happened so fast that I didn’t get a good look at the car, but after driving around with my husband we saw some cars with similar shapes. ’80s Monte Carlo or Chevy Caprice Classic and I think it was grayish in color but the parts left behind show coppery brown trim pieces and the turn signal/headlight was damaged. My car got hit on the driver’s side backdoor. Thankfully I was going slow enough, I was not hurt & my car still drives, but any help in finding who did this would be appreciated. I filed a police report already but as it was dark & they sped off, I have very little to go on.

*A Fauntlee Hills resident reports spotting car prowlers along Barton west of 35th (map) last night just after 8 pm. Their getaway car was “old, small, brown.”

*Via Facebook, Debby reports a burglary at 37th/Cambridge (map) on Friday: “The homeowners interrupted the crime. The (burglars) got away with a small electronic safe containing a gun.” The police map shows this was reported around 4 pm.

8 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Car theft, hit-run, break-in..."

  • jay November 19, 2011 (1:02 pm)

    For the record, that’s at at least the third car crash that has occurred on 26th in almost exactly that spot (within about 50 feet) in the past year. Two were hit & runs, one wasn’t. That seems so odd to me. It’s not anywhere close to an intersection.
    That should be something to consider as we think about turning 26th Ave.

  • Jay November 19, 2011 (1:33 pm)

    …turning 26th ave into a greenway. That’s what that sentence was supposed to say!

  • Dm November 19, 2011 (2:49 pm)

    It was my house that was broken into. From what it looks like, the burglars ran out the back to the alley with a laptop, a small gun safe and some video games. There was a playstation with cords and a guitar sitting in the middle of the front room. It looks as if we interrupted them when we got home.

    Police say there has been a small increase of window burglaries in the area. Our kitchen window was unlocked, they just slid it open and jumped in.

    If you store your photos and videos on your computers, make sure you back them up somehow. All my photos and videos are on my computer, not to mention all my work.

    Keep safe

  • Kjb November 19, 2011 (6:21 pm)

    just wondering where on 26th did this happen?

  • jay November 19, 2011 (8:01 pm)

    it was the 4700 block of 26th.

  • Marilyn November 22, 2011 (11:24 am)

    I’m just wondering if anyone knows about a interupted home burglary on Northrup S.W ?

  • Dee November 25, 2011 (4:33 pm)

    Interrupted home burglary on Northrup was 4 young black women in a maroon/brown Cadillac….

  • Fiona Enzo November 30, 2011 (3:23 pm)

    Last Sat., 11/26, 11:30 am, I saw people hanging around the eastern end of the track/stadium by the golf course. One guy arrived and pretended to run in place. Then two young women, one in a puffy light-colored down jacket (for running in the rain?). They made some pretense of running part of the track. I actually think they were hanging out in that corner of the track because they can watch the golfers’ parking lot. I watched this group from 35th after I left the lot. No other activity regarding the track so do think they were casing the golfers. Again, brown-red cars, a jeep and a sedan. Also, an idential blue sedan. I took license plate numbers but can’t figure out on police website where to report this type of suspicious activity (since it’s not narcotics and not a fait accompli crime). I had a drug house take hold across the street from me (a nightmare for two years), so am very sensitive when I see dark red or brown-red cars with young men in them, especially more than one in a particular location. Could just be my imagination, but don’t think so.

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