West Seattle Crime Watch: Threat report; question; burglary

Three reader reports in this West Seattle Crime Watch roundup – read on:

Dotti e-mailed to share this story:

I live on 25th S.W. between Juneau and Findley. At about 1:30 today I was coming home from my daily walk with my 90 pound Black Lab. I was just coming out of the Longfellow Creek trail head on Juneau and 25th when I noticed a young man going east bound on Juneau. He said something and started running toward Delridge and I assumed that he had just missed his bus. I waited for him to run by and then crossed the street.

I looked up the street towards Delridge to check for cars and noticed that he had stopped. He then ripped off his headphones and started yelling at me calling me all sorts of obscenities and saying he was going to kick my a…. I said, “what,” totally shocked. He then started coming towards me while ripping off his coat and backpack. I continued walking away and he kept yelling and walking towards me as my neighbor down the block heard the commotion and as a very nice black woman in a car pulled over and ask me if I was ok. When I turned back the kid was gone and I am assuming he ran off.

Dotti says she has seen the boy in the neighborhood lately, adding that her teenage son thinks he recognizes the boy from school. She provided the possible name to police; we will not publish it as we don’t identify people who are not charged with crimes, but what matters more would be the description. Dotti says “he is a white male in his late teens to early twenties, red buzz cut hair, tall (six foot or so), very thin and wears glasses. I said nothing to provoke this and I want to make sure that people are aware that this person seems very unstable. If he is willing to threaten a forty eight year old woman, who knows who else he could hurt. If I had been on the trail instead on my block, if my neighbor hadn’t been there or the nice young woman who stopped to ask if I was ok, who knows what could have happened.”

Next report: A WSB’er who lives at 15th/Cambridge in Highland Park wonders if anyone else heard/saw this incident last night, and if so, has any idea how it turned out (we didn’t hear it on the scanner and the city map mentions only a “noise disturbance” call):

My fence is about 6ft high with very small gaps between slats that only give a somewhat helpful view of moving vehicles, and whether a person is walking, biking, etc. Walking to the fence and climbing on something to see, I assumed would be highly visible with my porch light, and opening my gate would trigger the motion sensor light.

Approximately 11:15 – 11:30pm, I was on my front porch when I heard someone approaching southbound on 15th from north of Cambridge. Something in the breathing told me they were crying, so I started listening carefully. In this area, I hear a lot of screaming fights, but never crying quietly. When the footsteps had crossed the intersection and was on the corner right on the other side of my fence, I heard unmistakable sobbing protest and a man’s voice I couldn’t make out yet.

At that point it sounded as though maybe he grabbed at her because I heard sandals scraping as if for traction, and she began saying “no”, though not loudly. The rest of her words were in a sort of hopeless tone, as though she was paying no thought to possible help around. His words were much more faint, though obviously angry and threatening in tone. I heard him say “we’re going home now Shannon.” (my recall of her name may be wrong, but I’m fairly certain it was similar, perhaps Sharon). Her responses in the next short time were “no, oh god no” and “no. please. help.” again, not really sounding as though to listeners. From him I heard a partial threat, which I recall less clearly as I was dialing 911 and hoping to find a place I could not be noticed. Something along the lines of “i swear I’m going to.. *unintelligible*.” …

This is when I heard her running down southbound on 15th, toward Roxbury, though not with all-out speed you might think. She was crying and the only thing I heard her say until out of hearing, was “no”, but multiple times. I heard no more talking from him, but I assumed he was still following her, as it sounded as though he made at least 1 grab for her at my driveway (I heard the same shuffling sandals sound and running pace change) and was unable to hear any more sounds at all once she got about halfway down 15th and was simply out of hearing.

Third and final report for this roundup, VPD reports a West Seattle break-in:

Just a heads up to neighbors in the vicinity of 51st Ave SW and Waite. Our home was broken into Wednesday between 10:30 am and 5 pm. The burglars tore out a screen, broke the stationery pane of a slider kitchen window; tilted the sliding section and forced it past a bar we keep positioned in the window base frame. They entered thru the window and walked across the dining room into the living room where we believe the motion detector picked them up and our alarm went off. They grabbed a Toshiba laptop we had in the living room and bolted out the back door leaving it wide open. Police determined they wore gloves so no prints.

This is the second hit to our home. The first time in 2005 the bars in our windows were deterrent enough to stop them after they cut the screens in the same kitchen window as well as another first floor window. They are obviously now more determined to get in.

If anyone saw anything suspicious in the area we would appreciate that information.

47 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Threat report; question; burglary"

  • Norman September 3, 2011 (5:11 pm)

    To Dotti I also have seen this person walking on 25th ave. when I have seen him he has an attitude that he is just hoping you will look at him or say some thing. He seems to be looking for trouble. I will keep my eyes and ears open.

  • W Sea Neigbor September 3, 2011 (7:24 pm)

    Our car was vandalized outside our house at about 10pm last night near 48th Ave SW and Alaska. A large chunk of concrete was thrown at it, which broke off the rear view mirror and gouged the passenger side window. We didn’t hear it, but my neighbor said that he heard a loud crash, and a car rev up and speed off southbound on 48th Ave. I wonder if anyone out there had a similar experience last night?

  • Alki Resident September 3, 2011 (7:29 pm)

    @Dotti-Do you know what school he attends?

    @Highland Park res.-I hope to God the police made this a priority call.Makes you wonder what goes on behind closed doors,scary.

    @Waite res.-I go past your place everyday many times,I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  • D.D September 3, 2011 (7:53 pm)

    @ Alki resident, He attends West Seattle High School and was a Senior last year. But, he has been held back many times, my son has told me, and he is 21 years of age. So I am not sure if he graduated last year or not and he was not in 2011 West Seattle High School Yearbook.

  • Alki Resident September 3, 2011 (8:34 pm)

    Thanks D.D,wasn’t what I was hoping.My son goes there as well.Hopefully he’s finally graduated.He’s not going to be so confrontational once he messes with the wrong party.

  • Chris September 3, 2011 (9:11 pm)

    Regarding the highland park incident. At some point, we as a community have a responsibility to get involved. Even if it is turning on all of your outside lights and making your presence known by standing on your porch or opening the door and asking the woman if she needed help.

    Obviously, in this situation, assessing the situation to ensure that you are not in any danger is the first step and then calling 911 is an important second step. But I’m interested in other folks perceptions as to when it becomes your responsibility to save this woman….

    • WSB September 3, 2011 (9:36 pm)

      Chris – just because I’m not sure if the person who e-mailed us will drop by to explain – she also included in her note a long explanation of exactly what she went through with repeated 911 calls. It wasn’t a case of “quick 911 call and then back to whatever she was doing.” She attempted to provide additional information, etc., AND she was told by the 911 operator, she says, that they already had a report about something in the area, so she was under the impression that help was on the way, and even before she got off the phone with 911, they had moved out of earshot (it sounds like it was a lengthy call, though, because she had to deal with some discussion of whether she had reached the right jurisdiction – apparently SPD vs. KCSO – and also was asked to “clarify the directional details”). She wrote that she did see a police car go by but when she went out to the street to look, she didn’t see any flashing lights or anything indicating a stop or interception – TR

  • D.D September 3, 2011 (9:27 pm)

    Very true Alki resident, and I have to say my teenage boys aren’t to happy about this right now, along with my husband!! I hope for everyone’s sake that he has graduated or given up on school and that the police find him and get him off the streets before he actually is able to hurt someone.

  • ddb September 3, 2011 (9:29 pm)

    @Dotti and all responders: He’s a Delridge neighborhood kid, bad homelife, and is probably just looking for attention. He walks by my house everyday, on Delridge and had befriended my husband, awhile back. (Husband seems to attract the weirdos, he can’t help it, its just how nice he is.) Husband got above info out of him, and that he usually is on mental meds-when he is he’s nice. When he isn’t he goes crazy just by saying Hi to him. He yells stuff at us from across the street sometimes, other times he says hi, or he sprints by (the boy can RUN!-FAST–should’ve been recruited by track and field coach in high school, and then maybe we wouldn’t be having this convo/problem!…?)! He used to come to the door looking for my hubby, but hubby doesn’t let him come up anywhere close to door or walkway. The kid’s actually helped me, by looking out for the people who I thought were “casing” my house awhile back. I really think he’s just looking for attention, but just ignore him if you see him again. I don’t thik he’s dangerous.

  • Chris September 3, 2011 (9:57 pm)

    interesting…. I’d hate to have something bad happen while 911 operators are figuring out jurisdiction!

  • Been There September 3, 2011 (10:07 pm)

    @ Dotti – I believe I know of the individual you encountered. I have seen him walking along Delridge Way frequently over the last few months. Mostly between Genesee and Brandon. Something definitely seems amiss with him. Will continue to pay close attention and try and strike up a conversation with him the next time we cross paths. Perhaps Southwest Youth and Family Services can be brought into to get him headed in a better direction……?

  • jw September 3, 2011 (10:40 pm)

    The redheaded sprinter ran past me on Delridge a couple weeks ago. It was a very warm day and he had on a jacket and the backpack. Man, he is fast. Really fast. I’m 6’2″ 230 lbs and surely stepped out of his way. It’s too bad he verbally assualted you that way, I’m glad everything turned out ok this time. Soon we will have 75 more people with serious mental/addictive illnesses or other disabling conditions moving to the neighborhood so the red runner might seem like a non-issue. They have to live somewhere, so why not with us. If we were rich we could move to Laurelhurst.

  • D.D September 3, 2011 (11:04 pm)

    @ddb, well he definitely got my attention! As far as not being dangerous, when you are 5’4″ and 48 years old and a person comes at you tearing off his coat and backpack and says he is going to kick your a… with absolutely no provocation (I didn’t even say hi to him)I would say there is a problem. I even explained to the police and my husband and neighbor, I wasn’t even singing to my Ipod like I usually do when I am walking. I was just stopped at the trail head letting him run by, looked up the street to see if any cars were coming and went to cross Juneau, and that is when he stopped tore off his headphones and turned around and started yelling.Then he started towards me and ripped off his coat and backpack, threw them in the neighbors yard on the corner and kept coming. That is when my neighbor came out and the young black woman pulled over to make sure I was alright.I am sorry to disagree with you but that is a little more than trying to get attention. What if my young son had been down there on his scooter, and the boy had done the same thing?? If he does have a bad home life or has mental issues I am very sorry and hope he can get the help he needs before he ends up hurting someone or is hurt himself.

  • D.D September 3, 2011 (11:11 pm)

    @ Been there, that is a very good idea and I will try to give them a call or contact the officer that came by to take the report and see what he thinks. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Patrick September 3, 2011 (11:17 pm)

    I think i saw him too on delridge wednesday around 5:30pm, i was biking home, and he started screaming at me.

  • D.D September 3, 2011 (11:18 pm)

    @JW, That might explain how he disappeared so quickly. I turned away for a second to answer my neighbor and the young lady in the car and turned back and he was gone. And yes I heard about the mental facility going in up the street. I understand that they need a place to be but it does seem that they always put those types of things in the neighborhoods that are less affluent. I hope that we do not see more of this type of behavior do to this but you are right it could get a lot worse than it is now. Thank you for your comment. Take care

  • Norman September 3, 2011 (11:20 pm)

    @ Dotti To all of you posters that say just ignore this person He not only verbally assaulted her , He was on his way to physically assaulting her If not for the neighbor and passerby it could have been a different story all together. I live in the area myself. I am disabled to a degree. If this were to have happened to me, I would have taken it as a threat to my life. Mental disabilities or not I would have most likely used deadly force. This person does need help. On a side note this happened to my wife. I will not stand by, and let my family be intimidated by such actions or Threats of bodily harm for no god dam reason. This person needs to be picked up and held to see if he can be helped. Before he or someone else is seriously harmed in a irreversible manor.

  • D.D September 4, 2011 (12:06 am)

    @ Patrick, that is not ok! I am so sorry you had that happen to you as well. This person needs help and needs to be off the street until he is gets it!!

  • what? September 4, 2011 (12:17 am)

    I hear and see the red headed runner everyday. I used to jump up and run to the window whenever I heard his screaming and yelling but it’s so common I don’t anymore. I used to think he was harmless but now I’m not sure.

  • Kermit September 4, 2011 (1:09 am)

    Being mental will not result in any sort of detention, either in jail or at harborview. If he is mentally Ill AND commits a crime as a result then maybe…but the problem is the crime has to occur before he can be held for any meaningful length of time. You may see him along delridge and call 911 and the cops may get there in time to find him but that does not equal him being taken off the streets for more than a few hours. Harborview will bounce him before the ink is dry on the police report. My advice? Take reasonable measures to protect yourself. Buy and carry the highest grade pepper spray you can find. You have the right to defend yourself and your family. Don’t let this or any person victimize you, irrespective of their mental issues.

  • D.D September 4, 2011 (7:53 am)

    Thanks Kermit for the information. I am not very good at playing the victim. I have had many suggestions regarding the pepper spray which I will be purchasing and carrying with me from now on:)Take care

  • Alki Resident September 4, 2011 (10:30 am)

    Pepper spray is a great idea,but he who hasn’t read this blog will be unaware of the red head sprinter and not be preparred for his encounters.I especially worry about the younger kids in that area.It makes me angry that someone like this will probably have to hurt someone in order to get help and then after that may never serve time for it.I would feel like a prisoner in my own home if this kid was running in my neighborhood and always on guard when outside.This is not fair to all of his neighbors who know about him.And like I said earlier,he might mess with the wrong person someday and it’s not going to be pretty.

  • samschnooky September 4, 2011 (12:07 pm)

    He does bother the younger kids, especially at the library on Delridge. He used to bother my son but my son just ignored him and it seemed to work. What’s sad is there is a family who’s kids seem to think it’s okay to instigate problems with this young man – they will shout at him and curse at him. Seems to me this could make him even more unstable and I thought about bringing this up to them but he is actually less scary than they are – Delridge gangbangers if you know what I mean.

  • Joshua September 4, 2011 (12:23 pm)

    Stolen: Mountain bike, Schwinn MOAB. Black and metallic Orange with hill bars and front suspension. Stolen from “secure” storage locker at 8600 25th Ave SW 98106. Please contact Me if you see this bike. 206-423-3739

  • Melissa September 4, 2011 (4:34 pm)

    This is very scary to read. I often take my 3 year old son to the Delridge library and then either walk to the park/community center or over to “bubbles tea” for a treat. At what point is it appropriate to get young man some help? Hopefully before he hurts himself, his family or a innocent person simply walking by. Just wondering Dotti, did you call the police?

  • Kermit September 4, 2011 (5:05 pm)

    Melissa….get this “young man some help” is fine as an intent, but not realistic for an action plan. The police will respond after the fact, but meanwhile the damage is done. Either this guy has hurt you or a child or something. Have you ever heard that phrase “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”? Not to fault the cops but they can’t possibly be everywhere to prevent things from happening. Don’t outsource your personal safety and peace of mind. And alki resident, using deadly force in this situation is not reasonable and the result would be him dead, you in prison for manslaughter. It is not a defense in a situation like this to say “oh I was scared so I killed him” Your force used has to be commensurate with what you are facing. Pepper spray causes no lasting injuries and is almost by definition a defensive weapon so your right to defend yourself/family would fall well within the use of pepper spray. Here’s another tip: buy pro grade pepper spray (krosen’s, blumenthal’s) that is oil-based and has a high SHU rating. The red runner will think twice before he approaches another stranger in a menacing fashion after he gets a noseful of that stuff….

  • kg September 4, 2011 (7:48 pm)

    “Your force used has to be commensurate with what you are facing.”

    Cite your source please Kermit. Only WA case law please.

  • Alki Resident September 4, 2011 (10:27 pm)

    @Kermit_WHEN was deadly force ever brought up in this blog?

  • kermit_2 September 4, 2011 (10:32 pm)

    sorry…too much to type on my phone…

    Kg, tell me what you think:

    RCW 9A.16.020
    Use of force — When lawful.

    (3) Whenever used by a party about to be injured, or by another lawfully aiding him or her, in preventing or attempting to prevent an offense against his or her person, or a malicious trespass, or other malicious interference with real or personal property lawfully in his or her possession, in case the force is not more than is necessary;

    …this begs the next question. What is the legal definition of ‘necessary’? Here that is too, from RCW 9A.16.010:

    “Necessary” means that no reasonably effective alternative to the use of force appeared to exist and that the amount of force used was reasonable to effect the lawful purpose intended.

    In other words, you can’t act unreasonably in your application of force. It has to be measured and balanced against what situation you’re in.

  • D.D September 4, 2011 (11:40 pm)

    @ Melissa, yes I called the police and Officer Lucas was here very quickly. He took a report and told me to contact him if I saw him out in the neighborhood. He was very kind and understanding which I greatly appreciated and took this very seriously. I would suggest if anyone has a problem with this person to call the police and file a report.I know it can be a pain, but I believe the more people who file a complaint the better chances we have to get this person off the streets.
    And, Melissa I am very sorry to here that your son has had problems with him as well. Please be safe out there.
    AND UPDATE TO ALL: I was gone for a day trip to my sisters property and while I was away I received a message on my cell phone from my neighbor saying this boy had started screaming at another neighbor on our block. I haven’t gotten any other details in regards to this situation as I have only been home for about an hour and don’t want to disturb anyone this late. Obviously whatever is going on with this person seems to be escalating, so please be careful. I really don’t want to read on WSB that someone has been hurt. Take care and be safe, Oh and if anyone would like the name of this person or the case number let me know and I will e-mail it to you, I am not sure if it would be an appropriate thing to post on WSB, D.D.

  • kermit_2 September 5, 2011 (12:21 am)


    ‘He’s not going to be so confrontational once he messes with the wrong party’


    ‘And like I said earlier,he might mess with the wrong person someday and it’s not going to be pretty.’

    …sorry if that’s not what you meant, maybe I confused your post with Norman’s when he said:

    “I would have taken it as a threat to my life. Mental disabilities or not I would have most likely used deadly force. This person does need help. On a side note this happened to my wife. I will not stand by, and let my family be intimidated by such actions or Threats of bodily harm for no god dam reason.”

  • samschnooky September 5, 2011 (1:51 am)

    Something must have happened to him. I haven’t seen or HEARD him all day, not usual.

  • wssort September 5, 2011 (1:53 am)

    Kermit I wish you were with me the day a thug in High Point threw a tennis ball as hard as he could at me hitting my forearm and almost bouncing off my child in her stroller – for no god dam reason!

  • Alki Resident September 5, 2011 (7:57 am)

    My comments were meant as he’s going to get beat up and/or somebody will stand up for themselves and fight him.And maybe if they do then he’ll back off from doing what he does,BUT since he has mental issues,fat chance he’ll learn from it.

  • kg September 5, 2011 (10:36 am)

    Thanks kermit, I will tell you what I think. That RCW is very open to interpretation while the statement I quoted from you was not.
    Still waiting on the case law that supports your statement of only using equal force to defend ones self.

  • Always Call Police September 5, 2011 (10:47 am)

    I have seen the red headed kid (often wearing a backpack) regularly hanging out by the Delridge Library, walking/running the North Delridge alleys, and up and down Delridge between Genessee and Findlay for over a year, maybe two.

    He does seem mentally challenged but I have never felt scared in his presence. You never know how a mental illness is developing though, and it seems wise to practice caution around this person. He may be harmless but no one should feel intimidated in their own neighborhood. Always call police. They can then track behavior and log incidents. This also helps allot resources in the future.

    If anyone knows where the redheaded kid lives, you can contact our CPT (Community Policing Team) officer Jonathan Kiehn and ask him to do a “knock and talk” in which the officer will stop by the house and talk with this kid and his parents.

  • del neighbor September 5, 2011 (11:12 am)

    This red-headed young man lives on my street with some of his family. He definitely has mental illness issues and, it appears, his support system at home is inadequate. He has good days where I have seen him talking to neighbors or doing yard work (last week). Bad days, he yells at people from a distance and runs a lot. I have mostly been concerned about his safety but am always wary of him in my presence, as well. I have an indirect connection with his family and am going to try to find out some more information. If things are escalating with him, it might help to know if he has a caseworker or who the best person is to contact with concerns.
    Whether you support it or not, if we get the DESC building in the neighborhood, we benefit from learning more about mental illness and what to do in situations like this to best avoid tragic consequences for either party. Seems like something DESC could provide.

  • monroe1200 September 5, 2011 (11:17 am)

    Dotti – Would you had said “a very nice white woman pulled over and ask me if I was ok”. Why mention her color, that seems weird to me. Just my opinion.

  • Always Call Police September 5, 2011 (11:41 am)

    @del I do hope you will get in touch with Officer Kiehn. He’s a good guy and would not approach the kid’s house to intimidate, but to say hello, see how things are going, touch base. In the end it could be this red headed kid who is in danger and putting Officer Kiehn in touch with his family might be a saving grace for him–not just for neighbors. Since you are the only one who has mentioned that you know where he lives, I hope you will do this. Thanks.

  • Always Call Police September 5, 2011 (11:43 am)

    Almost forgot…

    I had a different individual approach my car last week as I pulled up to my house on 25th Ave SW near Brandon. He screamed at me in front of my car and then approached the driver side door and yelled some more.

    I had never seen him before. I did not get out of my car until he was gone. I called the police with a description (coincidentally he had light red hair but he was probably 45 years old wearing a gray striped shirt). Never seen him before but he seemed very “off” and also seemed to enjoy the look of shock on my face as he laughed loudly after yelling at me.

    Again, if in doubt, ALWAYS CALL POLICE, even if no crime has occurred. They often know the characters involved and it can help them track patterns of behavior, location, find someone if a crime was recently committed, etc. We are the eyes and ears of the community but if we don’t speak up and incidents go unreported, we are only hurting ourselves. Glad to have so many neighbors keeping their eyes open.

  • Kermit September 5, 2011 (12:22 pm)

    Ok kg, if you don’t recognize a very black and white RCW your not going to be persuaded by ‘case law’. So go out and shoot some mental kid Because he yelled some words at you and have fun justiying it after the fact. The law is clear on the matter and I’m sorry you fail to recognize that fact. It even goes so far as to define ‘necessary’ in case there is any ambiguity.

  • D.D September 5, 2011 (12:36 pm)

    @ Monroe, yes I would have said “nice white woman,” I like to give credit where credit is due! It is like explaining the description of the person who threatened me. And I wanted her to know who she was if she were to read this. She went out of her way to pull over and make sure I was okay.I was so in shock at the situation that I didn’t even have time to thank her or to get her name. It was a very kind thing for her to do especially in this day and age when people stand by and do nothing but watch or just go on there way without looking back. Society always seem to jump at explaining the description of the bad perpetrators but never describe the ones who help!! Hope that clarifies things a little better for you. Take care

  • del neighbor September 5, 2011 (1:58 pm)

    @ AlwaysCallPolice – how do I call this officer?

  • Holli September 5, 2011 (2:05 pm)

    I have seen the kid around the neighborhood, walking along Delridge Way for the past 5 years. I’ve only crossed paths with him twice, but seeing him around, I’ve noted his irradic behavior: often running, shouting at people, and once cussing loudly at no one in particular.

    He wears glasses, and I’d say is about 6ft. tall, skinny, very white, red but almost blond hair.

    Anyone who knows of his home, please, call the officer mentioned above, he needs help.

  • D.D September 5, 2011 (4:05 pm)

    Thank you WSB

  • del neighbor September 6, 2011 (5:02 pm)

    I gave my information to the Community Police officer today. He was very nice. I haven’t seen or heard the red-headed kid in a couple days though.

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