West Seattle Crime Watch: Preschoolers’ backpacks stolen

August 9, 2011 at 5:49 pm | In Crime, High Point, West Seattle news | 17 Comments

This one couldn’t wait till the next roundup. Maybe you’ll see the backpacks/bottles if the crooks dumped them after realizing there was nothing monetarily valuable inside. From Stephanie at Neighborhood Preschool:

I took my preschoolers to the High Point Playfield today, and a thief took 2 of our backpacks with our water bottles in them. One backpack is gray and white camouflage, the other is an orange backpacking pack. If found, please return to the High Point Community Center, or call 206-938-6368 and leave a message. These items have no resale value, but are important to these small children who don’t understand why someone would steal from them.


  1. That is just awful Stephanie. Come on people, really? kids backpacks and water bottles???

    Comment by SpeakLoud — 7:01 pm August 9, 2011 #

  2. Some people are just rotten. Absolutely rotten.

    Comment by shed22 — 7:33 pm August 9, 2011 #

  3. My first thought is that someone needed school supplies…

    Comment by MercyMoi — 7:48 pm August 9, 2011 #

  4. Some people are just rotten!

    Comment by shed22 — 8:19 pm August 9, 2011 #

  5. Beyond rotten!

    Comment by West Seattle — 8:44 pm August 9, 2011 #

  6. @MercyMoi – really? I think there are plenty of resources right in the hood to help with that. Neighborhood House, High Point CC, WS Food Bank, WS Elementary School … if someone really needed school supplies I bet if they asked at one of those places they would get what they needed. For free.

    Comment by add — 8:58 pm August 9, 2011 #

  7. Some of these thugs are almost sub-human – feral, animal like scavengers. Opportunistic as crows, but without the crow’s utility.
    So sorry for the kids.
    Too bad they come to reality so young now a days.
    Hugs to their mom too, not an easy job.

    Comment by old timer — 10:09 pm August 9, 2011 #

  8. Honestly, I would guess that the perps are probably barely out of preschool themselves. They start young when their older siblings are willing to show them how.

    Comment by AIDM — 10:29 pm August 9, 2011 #

  9. AIDM,

    Agree, but I’ll throw in this little tidbit…
    And when the criminal justice system lets them get away with criminal acts by refusing to prosecute or investigate because of the age, social status, gender, race of those committing the crime.

    Comment by Ex-Westwood Resident — 9:37 am August 10, 2011 #

  10. Lowest of the low but times are really hard. Not an excuse at all though!

    Comment by kids — 9:49 am August 10, 2011 #

  11. We’re just lucky to come home with ours. Our little girl opted to not take her stuff with the others when they went to play. I sure hope her friends get their stuff back. I know that we cannot afford to replace school supplies when we’re busy getting what we need for her to start Kindergarten. It never stops to amaze me what some people are capable of doing. It was quite a lesson for Miss Stephanie’s entire class. :-(

    Comment by dameDonna — 11:48 am August 10, 2011 #

  12. Thank you for your support! We’ve been driving and walking the neighborhood looking for the bags in alleys and dumpsters. No luck. We’re assuming some kids grabbed them and ran, waiting to look at the contents until they felt safe.

    Many, many thanks to a High Point neighbor, who just brought over 2 new backpacks and school supplies to replace what was stolen! Wow. We are touched, and our hope is renewed! It’s also a great reminder to perform random acts of kindness to offset the selfishness in our culture!

    Comment by Stephanie — 4:09 pm August 10, 2011 #

  13. Glad I could help out! :)

    Comment by Tony — 6:17 pm August 10, 2011 #

  14. Awful to hear about the stolen backpacks… Some people are so selfish and only think of themselves. I hope Karma finds them and treats them to some of their own medicine…. as for the High Point neighbor who showed the kindness in their heart… Cudos to you… and GOOD KARMA will find you. Random acts of kindness are pretty great things

    Comment by S — 9:24 pm August 10, 2011 #

  15. I notice how quick everyone is to judge but only one person was quick to act. We do not know the circumstances of whoever took the backpacks. We don’t know how old they are or why they did it. I am not excusing it BUT in desperate times, sometimes people (especially kids) take desperate measures. Maybe a parent told the child they could not/would not buy them new school supplies and a backpack for school…..or it could be someone hoping to find money. The point is we don’t know. We just need to pray that whoever took these backpacks learns the error of their ways and just think that maybe they needed the contents more than we think….

    Comment by SavedbyGrace — 10:39 am August 11, 2011 #

  16. I was on my morning run today and I’m pretty sure I saw the backpacks along 35th, just south of Morgan in front of an apartment building just up from the food bank. I would have grabbed them, but I was 8 miles in to a training run and only drew the connection a few miles later. There was along a pair of toddler pants strewn out from one of them. The orange pack is what stood out because it was a backpacking variety.

    Comment by JRR — 11:17 am August 14, 2011 #

  17. When I was a teenager a few years back, I used to hang out with people who lived in Bellevue/Mercer Island/Leschi/Madison Park, and when I would tell them I lived in West Seattle, they used to ask me if i carried a gun because they thought it was a rough area. Thanks trash of West Seattle for keeping peoples horrible opinion about this area true. Its also time for people to stop making excuses for the bad denizen of the area anymore, get rid of bars and replace with more family oriented businesses to keep the youth occupied with family activities.

    Comment by Concerned Voter — 12:31 pm August 16, 2011 #

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