West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Police report on stabbings

No word of any arrests yet, but the police report “narrative” from the Saturday night North Admiral stabbings is available online. Many details are redacted in the online copy – not just names but some places – which we are denoting below with asterisks. Read on:

Every incidence of asterisks here denotes something, generally a name, that was blacked out in the copy of the police report that was made public. As noted in our previous followup, WSB commenter Bob identified the victims as 25-year-old Zach and 52-year-old Glen. The police report does not leave any information in the blacked-out (redacted) spots indicating which victim was which, in this narrative:

(Victim 1) *** W/M and his friend (Victim 2) W/M *** were walking in *** stated they were approached by three Hispanic males. (Suspect)/1 who was dressed in a black hoodie accused him of being a cop. (Victim) stated vehemently that he was not.

*** then stated that S/1 stabbed him in the lower left chest but he felt like it was a punch. *** then stated to (suspect)/1, “Is that all you got?”

*** then realized that another suspect stabbed his friend *** in the back behind the shoulder blades. S/2 dressed in a light gray athletic shirt also, displayed a silver handgun at the victims. *** and *** then walked to 13– California Av Sw where *** called 911. *** stated
to officers that he did not know if the suspects had left on foot or in a car. Upon arrival of police, *** was found laying on his back where *** was standing up. Both were conscious and talking. *** explained to officers what had happened. He stated that the incident occurred in the park by where citizens view the water. A K9 track was attempted with negative results. A crime scene was not located. (An officer) interviewed two teenagers who were hiding in the wood line. W/2 *** and his girlfriend W/3 W/F/ *** overheard an argument. They heard someone say, “I don’t care if you’re a cop!” They then observed a black SUV possibly an Escalade with 22″ chrome wheels leave in a hurry S/B on California.

W/1 W/F/ approached officers at California Av Sw/Sw Donald St. She stated that she heard a commotion in *** Point around the time the victims’ were stabbed. She then observed two vehicles leaving the park in a hurry heading S/B on California Av Sw. One of them she described as being periwinkle in color and an SUV. A third vehicle was seen leaving the park in a hurry heading N/B on California Av Sw. (A homicide detective was called) and he declined to come to the scene. Both victims were transported to Harborview Medical Center where *** underwent surgery successfully. Both are expected to recover from their injuries. *** became uncooperative with officers at the hospital. Pictures were taken of where the victims ended up. Their shirts were taken and submitted into evidence.

In another comment today, Bob updated the victims’ condition: “One of the men is home after being under observation until Sunday evening. Evidently, the knife the punk used on him struck a rib, which kept it from damaging a lung. Glen is very sore, but suprisingly nimble. He was taking out the garbage when I saw him last night. I think he may regret it today. Zach was more severely injured, there appear to be complications, so he isn’t expected to be discharged for a few days. I spoke to him on the phone, and I all I can say for sure is, he really wants to get home.”

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  • ellenater July 19, 2011 (11:32 pm)

    Thanks for the update!

  • Udmiou1 July 20, 2011 (12:12 am)

    I am grateful both victims appear to be on the mend – I wish you both a speedy recovery!

    Now, for those of us out walking dogs or just out and about at night, it’s time to stop the unproductive whining about our city services (see other posts) and start to THINK. For starters, being out in groups is obviously better but not fool-proof; carry pepper spray, whistles, personal alarms, an airhorn – whatever will draw attention to a bad situation.

    Get creative people! What do you think would make these little punks less likely to hang out at that viewpoint that is within our control or influence? First off, close it earlier; no one needs to be there so close to so many residences late at night, it’s a park not a bar.

    What else?

  • G$ July 20, 2011 (1:37 pm)

    The sweep of Elliott Bay and the city skyline from Hamilton Viewpoint is amazing, especially at night. HV, like Alki Beach, brings in people from all over the city. Unfortunately, some of them are aggressive gun and knife toting thugs. They are typically difficult to distinguish from other less dangerous people, especially at night. The SPD does patrol there, but cannot put an officer there from dusk until 11:30 so people have to decide for themselves if it is worth the risk to take in that beautiful vista. Sadly, I won’t be enjoying it from there anymore. I could easily be “mistaken” for a cop and knifed just like those other guys. One of them sounds lucky to be alive.
    If you decide to go, look for marked police cars. When they leave, you should probably leave too. If there are no police, keep driving or, if you must, stay in your car and enjoy the view through the windshield. If you get out of the car or arrive on foot, be trained and ready to engage multiple armed attackers at point blank range in low light conditions with deadly force. Don’t forget to take some pictures while you are there!

  • Dennis Grace July 21, 2011 (8:13 am)

    I visit HVP almost daily with my dog. I rarely visit the park after dusk but I do see and pick up the litter (cans, bottles, cigarette butts, paper fast-food containers) that is left on the grounds by the human garbage that visit the park between dusk and closing. G$ states the obvious when he says “The SPD does patrol there, but cannot put an officer there from dusk until 11:30 so people have to decide for themselves if it is worth the risk to take in that beautiful vista.” Since the answer for most law abiding, tax paying residents of N.Admiral is NO it is not worth the risk to visit HVP after dark. This begs the question; Should Hamilton Viewpoint Park be CLOSED at DUSK? The same beautiful view is available at the nearby Admiral Way viewpoint that is not secluded and is lighted, features that discourage criminal activity. Why should HVP remain open after dusk to continue to attract the criminal element and provide a place for them to conduct their illegal business activities to become progressively more dangerous as fewer law-abiding citizens are willing to take the risk to visit HVP after dark. Why were these two N.Admiral residents nearly murdered in their own neighborhood park? Because they were thought to be cops or calling the cops! Anyone making a call with a cellphone in the park could be mistaken as someone reporting an illegal activity and in danger of being attacked and/or murdered. HVP should be closed after dusk for the safety of our community.

  • phil dirt July 23, 2011 (10:49 am)

    Well, for those of you who feel like udmiou1 and Dennis Grace, maybe you should lock yourself in your house and stay out of the park. I, personally, will continue to enjoy it. Of course I will also continue to pack my legally licensed Smith and Wesson when I do.

    “Those who would give up their personal liberty for a little security deserve neither.”

  • Dennis Grace July 23, 2011 (4:55 pm)

    @Phil Dirt (is that your real name really?) – Nice, misquoting Benjamin Franklin. The correct quote is “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The key word being ‘essential’. Is it essential to visit HVP after dark? The issue here is not about restricting liberty, it is about taxpayers funding a park with a million dollar view where illegal activities are conducted by criminals who threaten public safety. Many parks close early because they are too difficult to patrol to prevent illegal activity in them – HVP is such a park and should be closed early in the evening.

    John Lennon might have won the Nobel Peace Prize had he not been shot to death. He wrote the song “Happiness is a Warm Gun”. The song is about his love for Yoko Ono. I wanted to clear that up for you so that you don’t quote him, you might look silly. I know, I know “Guns don’t kill people, People kill people” with guns and knives. Did I quote that correctly?

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